17 Oct 2021

DaVinci Resolve latest version - Free Download

DaVinci Resolve latest version - Free Download

DaVinci Resolve is an all-in-one solution for professional video editors. Developed by Black Magic Design, the program focuses on a wide range of features, including color correction, visual effects, audio post-production, 8K editing, and more.
With DaVinci Resolve download, you can leverage the free version to try some amazing features and edit videos on your Windows PC. If you’re serious about video editing, this tool is an excellent choice.

DaVinci Resolve latest version - Free Download

What are the features?

While the paid version of the program deserves all the recognition, the free version isn’t too far behind. It comes with numerous transitions, like multiple wipes and fades for video clips. The program even features shape-based fades to foster creativity.

There’s an interesting feature called ‘Fusion’ that contains plenty of special effects. These are available in multiple settings to enhance the visual appeal of output files. Further, these special effects are node-based.

The grading and color correction tools of the app are excellent. While they’re powerful and comprehensive, beginners would need some time to learn the intricacies of these features. Unlike Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve gives you more control over colors, transitions, and effects.

For instance, you can conveniently draw a specific area on the clip to play around with color settings. Similarly, you can use different color gradings in a single video or split the on-screen effects. Another tool called Fair light lets you edit audio. It comes with a comprehensive internal sound library, 3D audio, automatic dialog replacements, and sound normalization. 

Last but not least, ‘Deliver’ lets you choose a file format to export the project. The application supports various preset formats for Vimeo, YouTube, and other video streaming platforms. Unfortunately, the tool doesn’t let you share videos directly to video sharing or streaming websites. It also doesn’t burn content to disc, supporting multiple file-formats instead, so you can work on all kinds of video editing projects.

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve?

The latest version of DaVinci Resolve comes with an innovative ‘New Cut’ page, designed for editors working on tight deadlines. There’s also a comprehensive ‘Neural Engine’, which uses AI and Machine Learning to leverage powerful features like speed warp, facial recognition, etc.

With adjustment clips, you can apply grades and effects to videos on the defined timeline. The ‘Quick Export’ feature lets you upload projects to Vimeo, YouTube, and other video-sharing platforms within a few minutes.

The tool features GPU-accelerated scopes, so you have diverse technical monitoring options. Once again, ‘Fairlight’ and ‘Fusion’ features are excellent additions to input immersive audio to your projects.

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