‘Beat the Star’ host recognized at brothel

Elton, next to a brothel

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Embarrassing incident in Prague. Ironically, when Elton is in a brothel, the “Beat the Star” moderator is recognized by a fan.

Prague – Many stars are happy when they are recognized by their fans away from the cameras. But in some situations, they probably would have preferred not to be discovered. That’s what happened to host Elton (51), who was approached by a viewer – just as he walked into a brothel.

Elton on the road in the red light district of Prague

Since his first appearance as a trainee of Stefan Raab on “TV total” in 2001, Elton has become an integral part of the German television landscape. The 51-year-old, real name Alexander Duszat, has appeared on numerous TV shows. He can currently be seen on ProSieben in the game shows “Beat the Star” and “Beat the Best”. Since 2010, he has hosted the children’s program “1, 2 or 3” on ARD and, alongside Bernhard Hoëcker, is part of the cast of “Who knows something?”

As soon as Elton enters the brothel in Prague, a fan recognizes him © IMAGO / photosteinmaurer.com & Instagram: elton_tv

In his “Eltonabend” podcast, the Berlin native also likes to discuss inner things. This is also the case in the most recent episode, when it comes to a bizarre incident during a visit to Prague. About 15 years ago he was filming for ProSieben’s “fairy tale hour” in the Czech capital. After filming was completed, the crew first threw a party at a nightclub, until they said, “In Prague, there are definitely exciting brothels.”

Why is Elton really called Elton?

Hardly anyone knows moderator Elton by his real name Alexander Duszat. But where does the nickname come from? The 51-year-old has already received it at school. At that time, he wore thick red horn-rimmed glasses and a “strange hairdo”, according to the host – and looked like pop star Elton John. In the meantime, even his wife would call him Elton. It is only for his mother and his mother-in-law that he remains Alexander.

A fan recognizes Elton at the brothel

And because he thought “it doesn’t matter in Prague – you can take a look at one of those brothels”, Elton didn’t want to miss the brothel tour. We then took a taxi to a noble brothel. “The door opens, a really nice, pretty blonde sits at the bar and says, ‘Oh, Elton, hello!'” the ex-trainee continued.

Oh my! Of course, the host did not expect to be recognized in a Prague brothel of all places. The lady was a medical student from Berlin. “I then spent the whole evening chatting with the one at the bar”, while “the other guys would have completely gone haywire”. All in all a very interesting evening, the host sums up his experience in the red light district of Prague.

On Saturday night, Elton once again hosted “Schlag den Star”, where DJ Bobo took on Joachim Llambi. Although the “Let’s Dance” judge won the game show, the night ended quite painfully for him. The dancer broke three ribs in one game. Sources used: “Eltonabend” podcast (episode from December 15, 2022); dpa

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