Broken economies? This bug can destroy thousands of TVs

Broken economies?  This bug can destroy thousands of TVs

You can read energy-saving tips everywhere these days, and sooner or later the following is sure to happen: Unplug appliances from the power supply when not in use. In general, it is advisable, for example with a power strip, to stop using standby devices.

However, there are devices that don’t tolerate power consumption well – and expensive OLED TVs are one of them. Because if you simply unplug the OLED TV from the power supply after a TV session, you risk permanently damaging the device. Concretely, this means that the image can be engraved over time.

This has the following context:

OLED TVs run various refresh programs at certain intervals in order to burning effect to prevent Among other things, after about four to six hours of operation, about 15 minutes after stopping care program started, which is still going on. we have that in the test lab with two OLED TVs from LG and Philips checked: The maintenance program lasted for both models 12 to 15 minutes. TVs fired 36 watt to 47 watt. It is therefore absolutely necessary to wait a little before you can really disconnect an OLED television from the mains. If you are not careful, you may damage the panel over time.

It’s easy to explain why some TVs don’t start the maintenance program immediately: the TV just waits to see if it turns back on for a short time, i.e. turning it off was an accident.

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