Curious behavior: Bayern don’t answer the phone when Barca call

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FC Barcelona have already made three offers to Bayern for Robert Lewandowski, all three of which have been rejected by Munich. According to recent reports, the Catalans are slowly losing patience. Above all, the way Bayern bosses behave in transfer poker is causing Barca discontent.

The transfer theater around Robert Lewandowski is currently the number one topic of conversation at FC Bayern. The 33-year-old Pole is pushing with all his might for a move to FC Barcelona, ​​but Bayern bosses are still sticking to their transfer ban – at least until Barca respond to Munich’s transfer demands.

Barcelona send Lewy’s offer via ‘Burofax’

As ‘SZ’ journalist Javier Caceres reports, officials in Barcelona are now complaining about the behavior of their German colleagues. As a result, Hasan Salihamidzic & Co. didn’t answer the phone when Barca sporting director Mateu Alemany called. Fittingly, ‘BILD’ recently revealed that Bayern showed no reaction to previous offers.

According to information from ‘SZ’, the exchange of information between the two clubs is extremely difficult. This is mainly due to the poor relationship between Bayern and Lewandowski’s adviser Pini Zahavi. The curious thing is that according to Caceres, Barcelona even sent an offer to Munich via ‘Burofax’. It is a kind of registered mail, which is delivered through the Spanish Post. In such cases, communication usually takes place via e-mail.

Bayern and Barça are no longer far apart

Even though Barcelona have failed with all offers so far, the clubs apparently aren’t too far apart. Bayern are rumored to be ready to talk from a fee of €50m. Barca recently offered €40m as a fixed fee plus €5m as a bonus.

According to information from “BILD”, however, there is currently a stalemate in transfer poker. As a result, Barca aren’t considering making a new offer for Lewandowski at the moment.

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