Cosby found guilty of sexually abusing 16-year-old

Cosby found guilty of sexually abusing 16-year-old

American TV star in Playboy villa
Cosby found guilty of sexually abusing 16-year-old

Former American television star Bill Cosby was found guilty in a civil trial of sexually abusing a teenage girl at the Playboy mansion in the 1970s. The jury in Santa Monica, California, convicted the man of 84 years to damages.

A Los Angeles jury found former American comedian Bill Cosby guilty in a civil trial of sexually abusing plaintiff Judy Huth in the 1970s. Huth was 16 at the time. Cosby, through his attorneys, had denied the allegations and asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

The jury, made up of eight women and four men, found Cosby, 84, liable for damages and awarded Huth $500,000 in damages.

Huth first filed a lawsuit in 2014, alleging intentionally and negligently inflicted sexual assault and mental distress. The original lawsuit alleged the incident happened in 1974, when Huth was 15. However, the period was later changed to 1975 when Huth was 16.

In the indictment, Huth said he met Cosby at a park where he was shooting a movie. After befriending the girls, Cosby reportedly invited them to come with him to his tennis club. From there, according to Huth, the comedian invited her to a house where he served her and a friend several booze, then took her to the Playboy mansion.

Huth claimed that if Cosby knew her and her friend’s age, she told the teenagers “that if any of the Playboy Bunnies asked their age, they should say they were 19”. Huth further claimed that Cosby took her to a bedroom in the mansion where he assaulted her.

Since 2005, more than 50 women have come forward accusing Cosby of sexual assault. After his 2004 conviction for drugging and sexually abusing Andrea Constand, Cosby served nearly three years in a Pennsylvania state prison before his conviction was overturned on appeal. He was released from prison in September 2021.

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