Explosion of anger against “Celebrity Penance”: “Shut up!”

Explosion of anger against "Celebrity Penance": "Shut up!"

“Shut up!” |

Explosion of anger against “Celebrity Penance”

In fact, the trash asterisks on “The Big Celebrity Penance” (ProSieben) should learn from the misconduct of their TV past…

With former tennis professional Daniel Koellerer (38), the learning effect seemed to be short-lived: he had just repented when he was already at the center of the next dispute.

What happened?

Because he repeatedly stood out for bullying and provocation during his time as an active tennis player, trashy judge Olivia Jones (52) confronted the ex-professional on Thursday evening in the “round of shame” to his on-court scandals. His monsters even earned the Austrian the nickname ‘Crazy Dani’.

Olivia Jones was clear: “Your greatest adversary is you. You have your demons and you’ve fed them since childhood with ambition, selfishness and anger.” one thing: losing. Even if it’s difficult.”

However, nothing came of it at first – because soon after Daniel’s purification came the next scandal. In the “Hold up” challenge, he once again teased the competition and annoyed everyone with his taunts.

Goal of the challenge: hold a sandbag with one arm above your head for as long as possible. Switching or supporting the arm – prohibited.

Calvin Kleinen sat across from Olivia Jones last week. This week he lost patience because of his compatriot Daniel Koellerer

Photo: ProSieben

Because Daniel repeatedly loudly accused his competitors of supporting each other and therefore demanded their expulsion, “Temptation Island” chav Calvin Kleinen (30) finally broke the collar. He scolded, “Shut up, Daniel!”

Provocation and outburst of anger instead of repentance – Calvin on his panic: “It upset me at the time and I think I said what everyone was thinking. Namely that he should just keep his mouth shut.

The rest of the competition were also very annoyed by Daniel’s taunts and put him straight on the nominations list. In the next episode, the ex-tennis player must duel to stay on the show – with none other than Calvin.

The two brawlers can then clarify their dispute directly with each other.

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