FC Bayern: Threats against the family of Robert Lewandowski

FC Bayern: Threats against the family of Robert Lewandowski

Then football takes a back seat.

On Monday evening, Bayern superstar Robert Lewandowski (33) returned to Munich for the first time since his transfer theater began.

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At 9:14 p.m., the Pole got off his private jet at Munich airport. Striking: Wife Anna (33) and two daughters Klara (5) and Laura (2) weren’t there when the two-time world footballer returned.

Now we understand why Lewandowski started the trip alone: ​​the Bayern clipper is worried about his family! According to Polish newspaper WP SportoweFakty, the striker recently received death threats on social media, which also allegedly targeted his family.

In Lewandowski’s personal environment, there are also concerns about the reactions to his request for a change.

Lewandowski’s friend Tomasz Zawiślak to BILD: “Robert has always been able to count on the support of Bayern fans and has great respect for them, but the many lies that have surfaced about him have provoked worrying reactions, especially when it’s about the family.”

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And further: “The fans don’t know what the discussions between Robert and the club management really looked like. All they know is based on a one-sided and often heavily distorted message.

Two weeks ago, Zawiślak, who heads ‘Team Lewandowski’ and is responsible for both marketing and public relations for Lewandowski, had already expressed criticism of the way Lewandowski was being treated.

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He told BILD: “I don’t know where the strike rumors are coming from. There’s never been such a thought. Ever since Robert announced he won’t be renewing his contract, various hoaxes have been aired to hurt him and cause resentment towards him. That’s why there was a lot of hate and serious threats against him online. Playing with emotions at club is part of football, but nowadays you have to be very careful and not to exceed certain limits.”

Some fans appear to have been so upset with the transfer group over the Bundesliga’s seven-time top scorer that they have now crossed the line – and separated the Lewandowski family, at least for a short time.

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