In all friendship: The return of Maria Weber & her baby will be so dramatic!

In all friendship: The return of Maria Weber & her baby will be so dramatic!

After that Dr Marie Weber Earlier this year, after the disastrous end of her relationship with Dr. Kai Hoffmann moved to Berlin and shortly before discovering she was inadvertently pregnant, they wondered “In all friendship”-Fans wonder if their story in the hospital series is really being told. But a few months ago, the broadcaster gave the green light: actress Annett Renneberg will return to the Sachsenklinik as Maria!

Now we finally know when: Already this week, August 9, it reappears in the Sachsenklinik! After Kai resigns as Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Martin Stein and Sarah Marquardt after reappointment. Because Dr. Philip Brentano doesn’t want the job, they look for a suitable candidate outside the clinic. And find what you’re looking for in Maria of All Places!

A choice that will cause many conflicts in the future. Because Kai found out when Maria left Leipzig that her ex was pregnant and asked her to keep the child. The doctor, in turn, insisted that she wanted to terminate the pregnancy. All attempts to get in touch with Maria then failed on Kai’s side – until he finally gave up through resignation.


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In all friendship: Here’s how Maria & her baby’s comeback episode will be

Kai has no idea in advance that Maria will now be his successor. He repeatedly pushes Maria away during the episode when she tries to call him repeatedly. And even when Martin wants to talk to Kai before the official announcement and starts with, “Regarding the replacement of the post,” the doctor flattens him with the words, “I will wholeheartedly support him.” So Kai runs into the open knife when all the co-workers are gathered to announce the successor.

Kai becomes very different when he suddenly sees Maria again after months of radio silence. But the fact that she is his new boss is by no means the only thing throwing him into emotional chaos. When a baby is crying in the hallway, Maria explains to the group, “It’s my son Emil, he’s waiting there with the au pair and I’m afraid he’s hungry.” A long and meaningful look at Kai follows when Maria says this. Too much for her ex – he urgently needs some fresh air… Maria’s comeback episode ends with this double whammy.

How will things continue? Will Kai be able to see his son? Do the two ex-partners express themselves? Questions upon questions! The first images now give clues…

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In friendship: What’s next for Maria, Kai and Baby Emil?

IN ALL FRIENDSHIP (984): Maria Weber is back
“In all friendship” episode 984: Maria is back. Photo: MDR/Saxonia Media/Sebastian Kiss

The first images of episodes 984 and 985 do not really show how Maria is doing. However, all of the former co-workers seem happy that Maria is back, while Kai hides in a corner, avoiding looking at his ex and not quite sure how to handle her and the situation.

Maria Weber joins "In all friendship" back to Kai Hoffmann
Maria and Kai reunite in “All Friendship”. Photo: MDR/Saxonia Media/Sebastian Kiss

In return, we learn that Maria and Kai talk to each other again in a moment of silence. As ARD put it, Maria Kai didn’t want to surprise her with her comeback, but she just couldn’t be reached by phone. He will certainly learn more about Maria’s last months in conversation.

IN ALL FRIENDSHIP (984): Maria Weber has patients again
Barely back at the Sachsenklinik, Maria is already dealing with the first patient case. Photo: MDR/Saxonia Media/Rudolf Wernicke

However, Maria does not mentally dwell long in the past, because as soon as she is back, she is needed by the patients…

IN ALL FRIENDSHIP (985): Maria Weber and Kai Hoffmann
Kai and Maria meet again and again in the halls of the hospital. Photo: MDR/Saxonia Media/Rudolf Wernicke

However, when it comes to Kai and Maria, normalcy doesn’t just set in. Kai in particular seems to have a hard time seeing his ex-girlfriend again and again. In turn, with her decision to move to Leipzig and thus to Kai’s place of residence and work, she sent a clear signal that she was done with everything and wanted to look to the future. Or is it just a facade?

ARD/MDR IN ALL FRIENDSHIP (985): Maria Weber and her patient
The next case of Maria – Anja Riemers – is not easy. Photo: MDR/Saxonia Media/Sebastian Kiss

It’s nice that Maria has a distraction in the form of work and it’s still like looking for a needle in a haystack until the medical causes of her patients’ suffering are found…

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