HSV: Mutzel fired: After demotion there is now severance pay

HSV: Mutzel fired: After demotion there is now severance pay

The last end for Michael Mutzel (42).

According to ‘Kicker’, the sporting director of HSV must now leave the club after more than three years.

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The end of the ex-professional (including KSC, Stuttgart, Frankfurt) began after the end of last season, when sporting director Jonas Boldt (40) demoted Mutzel and had him removed from the team professional.

At the time, Boldt said, “Michael doesn’t work in a leadership role around a team.”

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Since then, according to Boldt, Mutzel has professionally handled the most recent transfers (Königsdörffer, Raab, Bilbija and Benes).

With the team’s planning almost complete for this transfer window, the former defensive midfielder’s job looks pretty much done.

Since Mutzel’s contract runs until the summer of 2023, he will start looking for new tasks with a nice severance package. HSV chief scout Claus Costa (38) could be his successor.

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