Patricija Ionel, star of ‘Let’s Dance’: This is why fans are shocked by their buttocks and their legs

Patricija Ionel, star of 'Let's Dance': This is why fans are shocked by their buttocks and their legs


After an intense “Let’s Dance” season, professional dancer Patricija Ionel and her husband Alexandru are now looking forward to some sun, beach and more. The two are currently vacationing together in Patricija’s home country and greet each other with hot beach dance moves. But fans of the 27-year-old only notice one thing: his modified buttocks and legs.

Isabel Edvardsson commented with

Alexandru in a swimsuit with flamingos on it and Patricija in a tiger bikini – yes, these two dance professionals are really impressive. If it weren’t for his legs and buttocks, which look rather burnt. Dance colleague Isabel Edvardsson doesn’t miss that either and can’t resist a little bang on Alexandrus’ swimsuit. She writes under the Instagram post: “But you take the subject of the flamingo very seriously.”

Fans of Patricija feel with her and write in the comments: “The sunburn looks painful.” Some also have tips for the 27-year-old in stock. “Quark or yogurt on the skin, it helps very well and quickly,” advises a follower.

Hopefully Patricija’s blushing will be cured by November, because then she will go on a big dance tour with many other professional dancers and “Let’s Dance” celebrities.

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