Hanover 96: exorbitant prices! Only at FC Bayern is beer even more expensive

Hanover 96: exorbitant prices!  Only at FC Bayern is beer even more expensive

Well done, meal!

From this season, a beer in the 96 Arena costs 5 euros (plus 11 percent), bratwurst costs 4.10 euros (plus 8 percent).

“We are not the cheapest. But we are not completely crazy in the upper segment,” says Joachim König, boss of the caterer 96 HCC. Unfortunately not!

BILD did the check: 96 has the most expensive beer in the second division. Even in the 1st league, only Bayern (5.50 euros) is above.

The bratwurst is also one of the most expensive. Small consolation for fans of 96: At HSV it’s even more expensive (4.50 euros).

96 usurious prices nodded!

The HCC set the prices, but in close consultation with 96. The Managing Director of Arena GmbH is Boss Martin Kind (78).

König: “The price increase was agreed with 96 before the season. 96 did not applaud, would have preferred cheaper prices. But in the end, 96 supported the new prices.

The association confirms: “According to the HCC, the price increase is due to a significant increase in the costs of raw materials, energy and personnel. Hannover 96 accepted the increase on the basis of this argument. We do not know the calculation in detail.

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The beer problem: HCC is linked to a guild of 96 sponsors, although the brewery has also raised its prices. König: “We can’t just look for a cheaper partner.”

That’s why the sky-high prices are set to remain – despite fan anger and isolated calls for a beer and bratwurst boycott in the 96 Arena. “Prices are calculated. I don’t think we can substantially withdraw anything,” König says.

To make matters worse, it wasn’t just the prices that caused problems at St. Pauli, but also a faulty cooling system. The HCC employees then poured cans of beer into the plastic cups and sold the partly lukewarm beer for 5 euros as well as the draft beer.

Memories of the 0-1 draw with Schalke in October were rekindled when beer ran out in several stands. At that time, the first large crowd (39,500 spectators) after Corona would be to blame.

After the new beer outage now against St. Pauli, 96 now puts pressure on the HCC caterer.

Asked by BILD, the club said: “The HCC have been asked to comment on and address the issues around Saturday’s home game – of course with the aim that the issues do not reoccur. It is up to the HCC to find appropriate solutions.

Hopefully HCC AND 96 will also reconsider prices…

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