Moment of shock for Jason Momoa: “Aquaman” crashes bikers!

Moment of shock for Jason Momoa: "Aquaman" crashes bikers!

In the mega blockbuster “Aquaman”, Jason Momoa (42) plays the protector of the deep – now the acting star himself needed a guardian angel.

It happened on Sunday. Jason Mamoa was driving his “muscle car” (American high-powered car) on Old Topanga Canyon Road near Calabasas, California when the horrific crash happened.

In a curve, there was a collision with a motorcyclist who had entered his lane. The motorcyclist slammed into Momoa’s car, spinning through the air and landing on the windshield.

Jason Momoa and his muscle car

Photo: Instagram

According to information from TMZ, the biker finally landed “on his feet”, was able to stand and was only slightly injured.

The man was taken to hospital with leg bruises and a thumb injury. Jason Momoa is fine too. “Aquaman” escaped with a fright…

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