Bundesliga: Will Nkunku, Wirtz and Schick really stay until the end of their contract?

Bundesliga: Will Nkunku, Wirtz and Schick really stay until the end of their contract?

For Leverkusen and Leipzig, the summer deals are extensions with their internationally coveted stars.

Christophe Nkunku (24) remains with RB, signed with the Cup winners until 2026.

Goalscorer Patrick Schick (26), who still had a three-year contract at Leverkusen, extended it until 2027.

Florian Wirtz (19) still had a working document that ran until 2026 and have now extended it for another year.

But do the three stars even fulfill their contracts?

BILD is betting that Nkunku, Schick and Wirtz won’t stay until the end. But that’s exactly how the clubs calculated it!

Outgoing Leverkusen sporting boss Rudi Völler (62) to BILD: “Five or six clubs, including Bayern, can afford to give up players on a free transfer. With the long-term contracts, we try to ‘obtaining the best possible transfer fees when a player leaves us. This is the basis of sports management.’

Thanks to long-term contracts, Bayer is in a leading position. Because: According to information from BILD, Schick and Wirtz do not have an exit clause. For the latter, there should be an internal pain limit of 150 million euros.

And Nkunku? The Frenchman, who has extended his vacation in Paris, can change as early as 2023 – for a fixed price of 60 million euros, which could be increased by bonus payments.

Nkunku: “My journey doesn’t end here – we want more! In the future, we want to build on this and go even further.

It is clear that the three stars have paid their princely signatures!

Nkunku had previously taken in €3m, now around €7m. Wirtz is promoted to one of Bayer’s top earners. According to information from SPORT BILD, Schick is now at the top, earning around 7.5 million euros per year, including all bonuses and special payments.

Nkunku, Schick and Wirtz – three stars who will continue to please fans in the future. The only question is for how long. Certainly not before the end of their contracts. Paris?

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