“The Voice of Germany”: After five refusals, FINALLY blind auditions!

"The Voice of Germany": After five refusals, FINALLY blind auditions!

After five rejections from “The Voice of Germany” |

Anny is FINALLY allowed to appear at the blind auditions!

She must have waited long enough for THAT appearance.

For the sixth (!) time, the talented singer Anny Ogrezeanu (21) applied for “The Voice of Germany” (ProSieben), five times she even failed to show up for the blind auditions. This Thursday (August 25), she was finally allowed to take the stage – and made a very grand entrance!

With none other than Whitney Houston’s tearful “I will always love you” mega, Ogrezeanu wanted to turn the coaching seats to his side. Because with this song she connects a very special story. The Talent: “This is the song that made me want to sing.”

The sweet story behind it all: his mother played him the ballad when Ogrezeanu was just a child. It was immediately clear to her: she also wants to be a singer! But is The Hymn of Love really the right song to score points with the jury?

Apparently! Because with Mark Forster (39 years old) and Rea Garvey (49 years old), two coaches buzzed for the ultra difficult to sing tearful! Forster even warned, “Singing ‘I Will Always Love You’ on ‘The Voice’ is banned because it’s too difficult. You can’t sing that!” SHE could! The coach went on to exclaim: “You sang it – and it was fantastic!”

The pop singer even openly expressed his shock that Ogrezeanu isn’t a foursome buzzer, snarling at his new colleague Peter Maffay (72): “You have been on stage for 50 years. Why don’t you press it? It’s spectacular!”

Peter Maffay (left) with his colleagues from “The Voice” Stefanie Kloß, Mark Forster and Rea Garvey (right)

Photo: ProSieben/SAT.1 / André Kowalski

Maffay’s explanation: “I heard a bit of uncertainty at first when you came up. And then I thought, maybe there’s more to come. I was wrong, it was perfect in the end. I was so busy listening to you that I missed the right moment to buzz.”

Silbermond singer Stefanie Kloß (37) was so focused on Ogrezeanu’s voice that she waited for mistakes. At the end, she even apologized for missing the buzzer.

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No problem for Ogrezeanu – she picked Team Mark and gushed: “I’m really looking forward to continuing my journey with ‘The Voice’ for a bit longer.”

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