Wild start to ‘Who’s stealing the show’ season: Fahri Yardim calls for ‘cock comparison’

Wild start to 'Who's stealing the show' season: Fahri Yardim calls for 'cock comparison'

Celebrities out of control!

On Tuesday evening, host Joko Winterscheidt’s (43-year-old) hit show “Who steals the show” entered its fourth season. Three celebrity contestants and a wildcard winner must defeat their opponents in multiple matches and ultimately get the opportunity to steal Joko’s job and moderate the next show.

At first they all loved each other: musician and entertainer Olli Schulz (48) greeted Joko with a warm hug. After actor Fahri Yardim (41), actress Nilam Farooq (32) and wildcard winner Lena (26) also took their places, Joko already suspected what else could happen to her.

Moderator Joko Winterscheidt with opponents Olli Schulz, Nilam Farooq and Fahri Yardim (left to right)

Photo: © ProSieben / Timmy Hargesheimer

“Now is the time when everyone is cool with each other again,” says Joko. And Schulz immediately complained soon after about the selection of candidates: “I didn’t know that Fahri Yardim was there too.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come at all.

Already in the first game “The Light Five”, however, the singer-songwriter had serious doubts: “I’m already ashamed of myself, even though I haven’t done anything yet. I’m so stupid! And then there was a listening problem! The question, “What W-word do you use to ask about the genitive?” Schulz fell into despair: “What are you asking about the Yeti? With what W-word? He guessed wildly and burst out laughing: “Where is the Wi*****?”

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Joko must tame the rowdy brawlers

Shortly after, Yardim accused Schulz of whispering a response to wild card contestant Lena and rushed over to him, “What did you tell him?” He fumed, “I didn’t say anything! What do you want here now, you asshole?”

Yardim prepared to attack Schulz with his quiz stool, but was able to restrain himself. The next escalation followed in the game “The Fiesen Vier”. There were several choices of correct answers, but only whoever chooses their answer gets a point.

Moderator Joko Winterscheidt had issues with bullies

Moderator Joko Winterscheidt had issues with bullies

Photo: © ProSieben / Timmy Hargesheimer

When the years were to be named in which Germany became world football champions, Yardim opted for “1990” and thus brought Schulz back to the barricades. He scolded, “You’re so stupid, ey! How can someone be so stupid? I was watching you. I showed you what I’m taking!

Host Joko grew increasingly desperate: “The thing is, you both lead by seven points and are yelling at each other here like it’s a move!” Peace was far from in sight for the two, however, for the aftermath barrage asked Schulz: “Arm wrestling!”

Yardim had something else in mind: “Comparison with Dick. Please, please, I win.” Winterscheidt could hardly keep from laughing, but stopped the ‘Jerks’ actor: is a family show!

Yardim goes wild in the studio

But Yardim was far from fired. The challenge of only getting one point after hitting a total of eight buzzers in a row made him moan at first: “I broke my finger!”

Soon after, however, he lost control of himself and punched and kicked the wall. Joko is horrified: “Stop it!” He assesses the damage: a large hole in the wall, right next to his own, that he had caused during a previous season.

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Fahri prepared to repair the damage and complained to the whole group about his suffering: “I was already stressed with the three ProSieben lawyers. They put me in a headache and tortured me by rubbing my head so I wouldn’t make so many dick and vagina jokes. I shouldn’t talk so much about dicks and vul… vulvinas. I’ve stuck with it so far. But it’s not possible that the technology is crazy here. And the hole looked so lonely, your hole.”

Joko’s despair grew more and more, at one point he moaned: “We’ve known each other too long. You make me aggressive in private.”

Nevertheless, Yardim reached the final, but couldn’t prevail against the hosts. Joko Winterscheidt can also moderate “Who’s Stealing the Show” next Tuesday – and must try again to keep the wild contestants in check.

The program of the deceased vaccinator was accompanied by a host Dr Kellermayr dedicated. You can find the report about it here.

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