Apple’s Mysterious Network Adapter Running iOS: Photos Surfaced in Regulatory Database

Apple's Mysterious Network Adapter Running iOS: Photos Surfaced in Regulatory Database

Shortly before this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), a publication from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sparked excitement. Apple had submitted to the US regulatory and licensing authority a device with the hitherto completely unknown model number A2657 called a “network adapter” (see ). However, its specifications went far beyond those of conventional network devices, among other things, it ran iOS 15.5, and a 32 gigabyte SSD was also installed.

Network adapter photos bring light into the dark
The technical data and time of release fueled some expectation that Apple might unveil the device and its purpose at the developer conference. As we know, this did not happen, so we still did not know what the device was, which was equipped with two ports Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth and a USB-C port. However, the Taiwanese National Communications Commission has now released some photos that may shed some light on the previous darkness and put an end to the speculation that has been circulating. The images show a black box about ten centimeters long and about four centimeters high and wide. On the top of the box there is a luminous imprint: “For Development Use Only” it is written.

Source: NCC

A2657 probably for Apple internal purposes only
The network adapter should therefore not be a device that Apple will put on the market. In addition to the registration, this is also indicated by two QR codes that Apple most likely uses for internal purposes. One of the two is a reference number which is also printed on it, the other does not contain any data that can be read with the camera application of an iPhone. The arrangement of the two Ethernet sockets can be an indication of the possible use; they are on opposite sides. It is therefore conceivable that the adapter is used to monitor network traffic, for example in the repair departments of Apple stores. The purpose of the USB-C port is unknown, it can also represent a network connection or allow to connect a screen. Hopes and expectations that Apple will release a docking station or a new AirPort router with the A2657 are therefore certainly not met.

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