After falling out with Shakira – Gerard Pique hides his new flame

After falling out with Shakira - Gerard Pique hides his new flame

Barely separated – and already in love again?

With his split from music superstar Shakira (45), Barcelona defender Gerard Pique (35) caused a stir. The Spaniard had been with the pop star since 2011, but in early June the two announced their love.

However, Pique doesn’t have to cry. On the contrary! According to ‘El Periodico’, the 2010 world champion has always lived a sort of celibate life during the relationship, which has now taken him to Sweden.

Over there, the Barça star has now been spotted with a new flame!

During a party, the owner of the club posted a photo of Pique. Next to him: a new blonde acquaintance! So far, however, it’s still unclear who the woman alongside Pique is.

Curious: club owner Katrin Zytomerska (44) posted the photo, which is now causing a stir, out of revenge!

On Instagram, she explained that the football star was ignoring her son, who was keen to meet Pique.

She wrote: Listen to me, loser. Most of the girls at this party probably want to fuck you. I see you and immediately think of my son. I made it clear with you I asked you to say hello to my son. You said no ‘Cause what are you? A guy who can dribble a ball? That doesn’t particularly impress me.”

He continued: “What saddens me is that fame goes to your head and that’s pathetic. You’re not all that, you’re just a guy with a ball. I have that too , a boy with a balloon But you know what, karma is a bitch and it’s going to fuck you in your *Dick UN****.”

Zytomerska definitely did Pique a disservice with her photo…

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