Hairstyle trend 2022: Pixie Cut – only different: 8 stylish variants are now popular

Hairstyle trend 2022: Pixie Cut - only different: 8 stylish variants are now popular

Pixie Cut – What is this haircut?

The classic pixie cut (“pixie” means something like “elf”) is a short hairstyle and is characterized by this: the hair is cut short at the back of the head and on the sides, while remaining a little longer on the head. If desired, you can emphasize the sideburns in addition to the hair. The best-known example of the trendy hairstyle remains British model Twiggy.

The pixie cut – a trendy hairstyle that really has many styling variations. Which cut do you prefer? © Kuzma

8 Trendy Pixie Cut Variations

The classic pixie cut can be easily modified and worn even cooler as a 2022 hairstyle trend. Here you will find 8 great variations:

long pixie

The long pixie is very close to the classic pixie cut, only the top hair is left longer and layered much more. This creates a super relaxed hairstyle. The long pixie is easy to style and still maintains a bit of a wild character. In order to get the most out of the hairstyle, the top hair should have plenty of volume. For this, you can use a volumizing shampoo or volumizing styling products, or style the hair with a comb. Also good for styling: Put salt spray in your hair, which immediately gives more texture.

Pixie with undercut

It takes courage to part with your long hair and get a pixie cut. However, it takes even more courage if you want a pixie hairstyle with an undercut, because here the hair on the underside of the head is not just cut short, but shaved short.

The transition to the main hair is characterized by a hard line. Disadvantage: You have to cut your hair more often for the hairstyle to keep its exact cut.

Pixie cut with undercut

Which of you is brave enough to shave your sides? The combination of a trendy pixie with a cool cut results in a trendy hairstyle with a “hard line”. © PeopleImages

curly pixie

Even with curls, the pixie looks cute and cool! It doesn’t matter if you already have curly hair or use straighteners and the like to create waves in your hair: the curly pixie is one of our favorite twists on the classic pixie hairstyle. The top hair is – slightly or a little more heavily – curled. Tip: If you already have curls, don’t cut them too short because the hair will still jump out. Loops are updated on the beach with salt spray.

curly pixie

Playful and yet super edgy in style – the pixie cut is also great to wear with curls, don’t you think? © wagnerokasaki

Ultra short pixie

As the name suggests, the Ultrashort Pixie’s hair is super short. Means: On the sides and back of the head the hair is already short anyway due to the classic pixie cut, but now the hair on top is also getting shorter. However, it should be slightly longer than the hair on the sides so that the pixie look is not lost. For styling, put some hair gel in the palms of your hands and distribute it through the upper hair.

Ultra short pixie

A razor-short haircut: The pixie cut can also be worn extremely short – you can read in the beauty article what to consider when styling the ultra-short pixie. © Diamond Dogs

Mixed fit

Turning the tables on the mixie cut, the hair stays longer and frizzier at the nape of the neck (like a mullet) but gets a bit shorter in the front and high on the head (like a pixie). The hairstyle has a very rock vibe and is an absolute statement. Short bangs that fall fringed on the forehead also go well with it.

Bixie cut

The bixie cut is a very good choice if you don’t dare to opt for the classic pixie yet. It is more reminiscent of a bob, but is cut much shorter. Nevertheless, the top hair remains longer than with the pixie. Another feature of the bixie are the many layers in the hair, which evoke a casual look and make the hair super easy to style.

hairy pixie

The shaggy pixie is similar to the bixie cut but has even more layers and is worn longer at the nape of the neck (like the mixie cut). The beauty is that this version of the pixie cut is very versatile. With curls and a texturizing spray in your hair you get a rock style, with gelled hair back a sleeker hairstyle. With this hairstyle, the hair can lead its own life and stand in all possible directions. This makes the shaggy pixie very easy to maintain. Summer update: wrap a long strip around your forehead and create a bohemian look.

Shag style pixie cut

The top hair is a bit longer and the structures are slightly to heavily layered – the shag style pixie cut. Would you wear this hairstyle in the summer of 2022? © alvarez

Pixie with baby bangs

Back to the classic pixie (short on the sides, a little longer on the top of the head), because it can be brought up to date with little tricks: for example, super short bangs (the so-called baby bang ). The bangs can be straight or angled, fringed or more precisely cut.

Tip: It is best to have the bangs cut by a professional. Der:der also knows how short bangs can be due to your hair structure.

Pixie cut with bangs

Whether it’s an ultra-short pixie cut or a mixie cut – for all those who love extravagance: how about bangs? © visual space

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