The Zone invites you to Season 2: Red Trees – this new free content for Chernobylite is already available – PIXEL.


Developer Farm 51 and publisher All in! The games invite you to visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and continue to support the survival horror game Chernobylite, which is about the infamous nuclear power plant. In Season 2, you’ll uncover more secrets about the game’s dark setting, learn about previously unknown Collapse facts, and try new game modes.

The biggest content of Season 2: Red Trees is the new VR set in Igor’s base. With it, you play a game within a game, with a new roguelike mode – VR Games. In this mode, Igor traverses fractal worlds with random weapons, abilities, and enemies (including very difficult monsters). After his death, the protagonist returns to the main game with the experience points he has earned. It can also be accompanied by a companion. Relationships with other characters that have been strengthened in the new game modes will continue in the main game as well.

Season 2 also includes six new story missions. In the Ghosts of the Past expansion, Tatyana appears in Igor’s dreams. During his journey, the protagonist passes through places of worship in the area. Through the notes of former residents and the stories of their relatives, you can learn more about the past and the truth about the events of Chernobyl.

Igor’s base now also has a video game station. It’s part of the Play It cosmetic expansion, and the post-Soviet atmospheric design will complement your HQ.

Along with all the free Season 2 content, you can also purchase Red Leaves and a Red Glow inspired by the infamous Chernobyl Red Forest. Part of the Red Trees Pack, these new base skins are designed to give your companions some warmth so they can survive the harsh reality of The Zone.

Chernobylite is a survival horror game set in a hyper-realistic 3D digitized wasteland of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. You play as Igor, physicist and former employee of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. You have returned to Pripyat to solve the mystery of your fiancée Tatiana, missing for 30 years. Face enemy military, other stalkers, supernatural creatures and survive unforgiving environment while trying to uncover the truth. Get ready for an exciting adventure of survival, conspiracy, horror, love and obsession. Not everyone can overcome their fear!

Season 2 PC expansion packs are available today (June 22) on Steam, GOG, and Epic. Starting tomorrow, during the Steam Summer Sale, you can buy the game with a 30% discount on Steam or even on GOG by June 27. The Red Trees package costs €3.29.

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