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Talco - Insert Coint (2022)

Talco – Insert Coin (2022)
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Originally was the new album video games already announced for 2020 and still awaiting release. A kind of pandemic must have intervened. In any case, fans have been waiting for the band’s new album for four years now. And so Italian ska-punk legend Talco makes it even more exciting and released the EP in April Insert part. This can be seen as the start of a loosely connected trilogy, again musically focusing on the band’s punk rock and folk roots, without sacrificing the typical catchy horn lines Talco is known for.

The EP has been in my chronicles for a long time, but it’s only now, with summer, sun and sunshine, that I feel ska. Either way, all five songs are quite catchy and maybe a bit more punk than the band’s other late works, but they’re just as fun. Sort of a concept EP, the first five songs are about how a loner called “Freak” who is kind of an artist starts rebelling against society. In his journey, which takes him out of his comfort zone, he must fight against all those who threaten our freedom: neo-fascists, populists and conspirators. A story perhaps a little raw, but presented with great success. The best songs are from my point of view radio countdown and Amesso to speak the framework of the first chapter.

The EP was recorded, produced and mixed by Dema and the band at the purpose-built Silent Stown studio. Exclusive merchandise such as a cassette version, 12-inch colored vinyl with a logo debossed on one side, and shirt packs are available exclusively through the band’s store (merchunion.com).

title list

1. Radio countdown

2. Freedom

3. Lo Spectacolo

4. wheal



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