Japanese People Criticize “Solo Leveling” Animated Announcement – Anime2You

Japanese People Criticize "Solo Leveling" Animated Announcement - Anime2You

We have just reported on the upcoming anime adaptation of ‘Solo Leveling’ which has caused a huge hype among the fans. However, not everyone is happy about this, and Japanese fans in particular are expressing their concerns. We explain what it is.

Japan as antagonist

As we all know, Japan is a very traditional country that values ​​its history and culture very much. The Japanese react with corresponding sensitivity when such things are portrayed in a negative or even disparaging way.

Anyone who has read the original “Solo Leveling” webtoon or webnovel knows that Japan is presented in the work as a kind of antagonist. Many characters with lesser roles and also the majority of villains come from the Land of the Rising Sun. Additionally, Japanese culture is portrayed negatively or even incorrectly in some scenes.

For this reason, all the time there has been speculation about an anime adaptation of “Solo Leveling”, it has always been clear to fans that it will either be produced by a Korean studio or the plot will be changed. However, those speculations were all dashed when the adaptation was announced by A-1 Pictures (»Sword Art Online«).

alternate version

However, it should not be forgotten that there is already a alternate version of »Solo Leveling«, which however only has its market in Japan. In it, the action takes place in Japan and the protagonist and other important characters are also Japanese. The villains, meanwhile, come from a fictional country. Now there is speculation as to whether this version could be adapted.

Of course, there is no information about it so far, but it must be said that the original work is extremely popular and does not have its fans in Japan, but rather all over the world, which of course do not care about the points mentioned.

Quite the contrary of the Japanese fans, of which we have summarized some comments below:

  • Is Sony aware of the risks of all the negative reviews coming out of Japan? There could also be a political conflict between left and right. Does Sony really want to get involved?
  • “There have been works in the past that have been canceled because the creators spoke negatively about Korea and China. That’s what the animation industry has become.”
  • “The original story is against Japan. Japan is the bad guy and the country perishes. However, the Japanese version has a Japanese protagonist. Do you think they can get away with this version?”
  • “It’s absolutely sickening. I’m afraid A-1 Pictures, the subsidiary of Sony, is not aware of what they are doing. Of course, they will do their best to hide the anti- Japanese as best they can, but people all over the world are still laughing because they know the original is anti-Japanese.
  • “I heard it was an anti-Japanese story. How does A-1 Pictures feel about producing an anime like this in Japan? Well, I don’t care, I don’t watch stuff like that anyway.”

The anime adaptation of “Solo Leveling” will debut on Japanese TV next year and will stream in the original language with German subtitles as a simulcast on Crunchyroll.

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