GZSZ: SHE is Jonas Seefeld’s new love!

GZSZ: SHE is Jonas Seefeld's new love!

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it’s been two years Jonah (Felix van Deventer) at “Good Times Bad Times” flirted with Merle (Ronja Herberich). As we know, their affair did not have a happy ending. Merle said goodbye to Brazil. Since then, Jonas has dedicated himself to his career as a DJ – and is well on his way to becoming a solo artist.


GZSZ: RTL is radically changing the role of “Moritz” from the summer!

What a surprise! As RTL reported,… Read more “

GZSZ: Jonas is in a relationship

Fortunately Jonas in Moritz (Lennart Borchert) and Luis (Marc Weinmann) two friends who really care about him. Soon, the two will pair him up at GZSZ. The chosen one is called Chiara and is supposed to move into an empty roommate in Nihats (Timur Ülker).

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But there is a problem: Chiara gets a place at university far from Berlin. We will soon see how the two want to solve this problem at GZSZ. All new episodes can be seen on RTL+ with one week’s notice. *

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