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Since the new patch 2.8 and the “Summer! Night? Fantasy!” Lots of clothing, weapons, and new stories have appeared in Genshin Impact that should keep players busy. The Golden Apple Archipelago has also been reopened and with it a number of special quests. Once , we have told you the path of the “lost picture” quest in a short and concise way.

The Mirror Girl’s Lost Object

The Mirror Maidens are evil witches and agents of Fatui that the player usually knocks out. This time, one of them is the contact to start the “The lost photo” task. The prerequisite for this is that you complete the Golden Apple Archipelago quest chain during the current summer event. Once you’ve done that, travel to the Shattered Island and meet the Mirror Maiden there. She’ll tell you she’s lost something, and now you can go find a silver pocket watch with a picture on it. You can find out why you should do it for them in the task.

Broken Island – blue arrows location

Where you find the valuable item is also Hilichurl’s camp. It will shine there as usual and the precious watch is yours if you haven’t already found it by chance because you have already been there for Fischl’s new outfit. If you return to the Mirror Maiden with the significant loot, she will run away. This is the time when you should follow her. The path leads to a cave in which you must first participate in a liberation operation (you need the melodic harp for this) and then you can witness the conversation between agent Fatui and his colleague. When the scene is over, talk to him and get source stones, mora, adventure– and Hero Experience Books.


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