Earth’s Shadow – Sci-fi dungeon crawler meets loot shooter

Earth's Shadow - Sci-fi dungeon crawler meets loot shooter

Earth’s shadow is the latest title from the gaming pioneer William R. Fisher IIIwhich has been in the industry since 1988 and produced games as SoftLab Laboratories and William R. Fisher III Studios until 1999. As W.R.F. Studios Fisher last played the vampire game in 2021 vampire published. Earth’s Shadow, which you can also try as a free Steam demo, entered Early Access on August 3, 2022 on Steam.

What is Earth’s Shadow about?

Earth’s Shadow is a third-person action game in which the developer combines dungeon crawlers and looter shooters in a sci-fi setting. Earth’s Shadow is set in the year 3081, when Earth has long been a dead planet. In the game, you slip into the role of cyborg cargo pilot Alexi-Ru, who keeps dreaming up the mysterious stories of the planet Sumbra during his boring flights.

Sumbra is also called the shadow of the earth by the last humans who dwell in remote sectors. Alexi-Ru often deviates from her normal cargo route to get a glimpse of Sumbra’s surface via radar. One day, as he passes by Sumbra again, a malfunction in his ship forces him to crash-land on the planet he has so often dreamed of.

A planet full of secrets awaits you!

As his escort drone tends to the crashed ship and tries to re-establish broken communications, Alexi-Ru grabs his semi-automatic Tec-9000 and sets off to explore the surroundings of the tiny planet. He will not only encounter many adversaries, but also the secrets of an ancient alien civilization. During his adventure, Alexi-Ru can hone his skills to become a powerful cyborg.

He can find new weapons and technologies on the planet, with dynamic values ​​and modifiers. All loot is randomly generated, so no two games are the same. Procedurally generated storage areas and locations should also offer variety. Earth’s Shadow offers 3 different game modes. Along with the thief and adventure modes, there’s also a story mode where you don’t lose game progress or gear if Alexi-Ru dies.

Due to its setting, Earth’s Shadow is reminiscent at first sight of Returnal. The idea of ​​uniting dungeon crawlers and looter shooters against a dark sci-fi backdrop is appealing. Earth’s Shadow made a good impression when we first tried it out, but we can’t hide the fact that it could use some improvements and polish in the Early Access phase. The best way to get a first impression before buying is to take a look at the demo. Finally, a short gameplay trailer, enjoy!

Learn more about the game: Steam

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