Cold season: And the cold welcomes you every day / A good immune system helps prevent infections

Cold season: And the cold welcomes you every day / A good immune system helps prevent infections

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Introduction: It is quite normal for young children to bring colds home from daycare up to ten times a year. Parents cannot avoid regular infections in their children, but together they can build a strong immune system. Here are Marco Chwalek’s related tips:

Narrator: What does strengthening children’s immune systems mean? What should parents do specifically to ensure their children get through the fall well? We asked editor-in-chief Stefanie Becker of the pharmacy magazine “Baby und Familie”:

O-Ton Stefanie Becker: 19 seconds

“There are a few simple rules for training your immune system: get outdoors a lot, get enough sleep, and avoid stress. And this does not only apply to the little ones, but also to adults. a balanced and generous diet Vegetables and fruits naturally contribute to a good immune system.”

Speaker: But if the child already has a cold and a fever, of course he should be treated by a doctor. Is it then possible to treat influenza infections with antibiotics?

O-Tone Stefanie Becker: 15 seconds

“In the vast majority of cases, a cold is caused by a virus.

And antibiotics are ineffective against viruses, they only help against bacteria. And so it’s important that toddlers develop a good immune system so they can get back on their feet quickly.”

Speaker: Well, the parents try to prevent it. For example, do our corona hygiene measures help against colds?

O-Ton Stefanie Becker: 21 seconds

“Yes, hygiene measures, for example washing your hands, are also useful here to some extent. The nativity scene saying: ‘Remember to wash your hands after using the toilet and before eating’s Always apply and also when you And a short regular airing is also necessary here, because hot air dries out the mucous membranes and they are therefore less resistant.

Moderation: And please, always sneeze into the crook of your arm so as not to infect anyone, advises “Baby und Familie”.

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