Formula 1: the world title disappeared? Verstappen boss already threatens court

Formula 1: the world title disappeared?  Verstappen boss already threatens court

The world title disappeared due to a budget overrun? |

Verstappen boss already threatens court

Exactly 297 days after the World Cup final, Max Verstappen (24) must still tremble for his 2021 title!

His Red Bull team reportedly exceeded the Formula 1 cost cap of US$148.6 million (around €151.6 million) last season and thus gained an advantage. The world association Fia is responsible for respecting the limit. The figures will be released today.

If Red Bull has overshot by more than five percent, there may even be a title withdrawal.

Verstappen’s Red Bull boss Dr. Helmut Marko (79) is already threatening in BILD: “It would be a huge scandal! If necessary, we will take legal action.

doctor Helmut Marko has been motorsport boss at Red Bull since 2005

Photo: dpa

Rollback: Verstappen had clinched his first world title thanks to a controversial decision by race officials that allowed Verstappen to overtake Lewis Hamilton (37) on the final lap of the final race.

A later points deduction due to a budget overrun could cost Verstappen the title.

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Evaluation: Sanctions range from reduced wind tunnel time to exclusion from the World Cup. Everything is possible. More realistically, if found guilty, it would be a hefty fine.

BILD requires: If a violation is proven, it must be dealt with transparently – and the Fia must draw the consequences. Anything else would make the budget cap superfluous.

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