Green tea for Alzheimer’s? Study with amazing results on the “anti-viral” effect

Green tea for Alzheimer's?  Study with amazing results on the "anti-viral" effect

  • Alzheimer’s: what about this common disease?
  • to study from the United States studies the effects of green tea
  • “Antivirus” – This could discovered will be

In total, around 1.8 million people in Germany live with a dementia, most of whom have Alzheimer’s disease. So it’s not uncommon; and yet there is so far no cure. A study has just discovered how a substance in Green tea for Alzheimer’s might help.

Brief overview: Alzheimer’s disease

Dementia is a collective term for diseases in which the brain can no longer function properly. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease; it affects 60 to 70% of people with dementia. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease often have problems with memory, thinking and behavior. While the symptoms are barely noticeable at first, they become more pronounced as the disease progresses Further. The disease progresses in everyone different rhythm Ahead.

A typical symptom that may occur is difficulty in memory and thinking skills. For example, you may find it difficult to complete tasks that were previously easy for you or to solve problems. Places, people and events may be confused or unrecognized. Moreover, the problems of Tongue. Not only speaking, but also writing is difficult for many affected people. In later stages, there are often abnormalities in the Psyche and behavior change. People with Alzheimer’s disease often become abnormally anxious, suspicious, passive or even aggressive, frustrated or depressed.

One heal is here for alzheimer’s disease not yet. Treatment is to relieve symptoms and discomfort. As a result, those affected can often maintain their quality of life for longer. When non-medicated Treatment methods include music therapy and occupational therapy. Additionally, a medication where, for example, anti-dementia or antidepressants are prescribed. There always after individual diagnosis When deciding which therapy is best, it is important that patients follow their doctor’s instructions. The disease is not easy for those affected, nor for those around them. When a diagnosis is made, many decisions must be made over time. This includes, for example, the type of support in everyday life, treatment, aftercare and/or the appropriate type of accommodation. Tailored help offers can be found at the German Alzheimer Society and the Alzheimer Association, among others.

Alzheimer’s research: the outline of the American study

Over the past three decades, dementia research has worked intensively to understand the brain damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease. better understand power Current research is focusing on more effective treatments as well as a way around Fully prevent Alzheimer’s disease or to heal. American researchers were looking for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and discovered amazing things.

The study by the research team around Dana Cairns was published in the specialist magazine “Free radical biology and medicinewas published. In the study, various active ingredients tested, which should inhibit so-called Alzheimer’s plaques. Both plates It is structurally altered areas of the brain that trigger the disease. Surprisingly, catechins, a plant compound found in green tea, for example, can fight dental plaque.

The total was 21 different connections tested for their ability to prevent the growth of so-called beta-amyloid plaques. For testing, a 3d model living human brain cells. To determine the effects of the substances, a first screening was carried out. A compound was then added to the cells in the plate and observed for a few days.

Study results

Special effect could be achieved with plant substance catechins be observed. It is mainly found in green tea leaves. The plant substance acts against Alzheimer’s like a kind of “antivirus”. It is believed to have caused the onset of the disease to slow down and maybe even prevent it altogether. Among the 21 substances tested, there were other substances that showed similar efficacy.

The second active ingredient is resveratrol. Plant substance, also known as anti-aging substance, is found in small amounts in Red wine or in fruits like Grapes, blueberries or cranberries. Researchers have found that resveratrol and catechins work the same way. But not only: overall, we could five fabrics show in screening that they can fight plaque. The other three fabrics are curcumin turmeric, the active ingredient citicoline and a diabetes medicine called metformin.

Both Side effects few, if any, could be seen. The head of the study stressed that the goal was to find harmless but effective active ingredients. Green tea and resveratrol from red wine were the most effective. After only one week of screening, these active substances were found almost no more plates visible.


Alzheimer’s disease is a very common disease for which there is currently no cure. However, an American study has now been able to show that common organic compounds such as catechins in green tea prevent the formation of Reduce Alzheimer’s plaques can. Resveratrol was also able to show impressive anti-plaque effects. Therefore, reaching for the bottle of red wine is not recommended. It’s better on green tea or others Sources of resveratrol such as blueberries, cranberries, peanuts, pistachios or cocoa.

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Thanks to its findings, the team was able to research progress Manufacture. Unfortunately, however, from a laboratory situation never one on one over humans close. Therefore, there are no exact quantity specifications or similar recommendations. It remains exciting to see how Alzheimer’s disease research will continue to progress.

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