“Joko and Klaas against Pro Sieben”: Blackout – suddenly the lights went out

"Joko and Klaas against Pro Sieben": Blackout - suddenly the lights went out

Blackout at “Joko and Klaas against Pro Sieben” |

Suddenly the lights went out

Who was that messing with the power box?

The host duo Joko Winterscheidt (43) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (39) always make headlines. Last week, they again won 15 minutes of airtime on “Joko and Klaas against Pro Sieben” and used it for an impressive campaign: They gave their Instagram profiles, including all followers, to Iranian women forever.

On Tuesday evening, however, entertainment and games were announced again – host Steven Gätjen (50) already blasphemed at the start of the show: “The entertainment giant against the dwarf nose and Hanns looks in the ‘air !” The title of the first game show initially left question marks: Joko and Klaas against the “risk assessment catalog”.

Joko causes a studio breakdown

To clarify, Bavarian studio master Andi took the stage. He is responsible for the overall security of an event. The task of the two moderators: they had to break ten unknown studio security rules in ten minutes. Andi wanted notice so he could step in if the worst came to the worst.

However, Klaas was lightning quick at first and asked his colleague Tom: “Tom, you smoke. Please smoke one!” He quickly lit a cigarette in the middle of the studio – and scored the first point for his bosses, as studio head Andi was already getting upset.

However, Joko made it even wilder. He grabbed a lighter and ignited some plastic: “You’ll probably be allowed to make an open fire here!” The signal for Klaas – he rushed in with a fire extinguisher and put out the mini-fire. The following rule has been broken. Andi sighed, “Yes, it is forbidden to spray the fire extinguisher indiscriminately.” After Klaas drove a car to the studio, Gätjen was already worried about the studio manager: “Also pay attention to Andi’s health. He’s dying a thousand times here!”

The host duo took on comedians Rick Kavanian (51) and Simon Pearce (41) on “Broken, but it’s still working.”

Photo: ProSieben / Ralf Wilschewski

As Klaas then smashed a few light bulbs, Joko ran straight to the electrical box and read: “Job dispatcher two. Andi tried to intervene and argued, “It is forbidden to do any electrical work that is not carried out by qualified electricians…” – but suddenly all the lights in the studio went out.

Joko had caused a complete blackout, even the spectators were seated in the dark. In the dark, the studio manager walked over to the power box and turned on the power. After Klaas knocked over a shelf, Andi had to admit, “The point is yours. Free destruction of accessories.

No free airtime for Joko and Klaas

But the other games were not without damage. The host duo took on comedians Rick Kavanian (51) and Simon Pearce (41) on “Broken, but it’s still working.” Items had to be broken to keep as few as possible, but they still worked perfectly.

At the end, it was weighed who has the lightest remaining item. By smashing a waving cat, Klaas suffered his first injury: “I’m bleeding, but I don’t want to say that!” In the end, the two comedians Rick and Simon, who competed for “Herrn Pro Sieben”, were more professional in the demolition: This point went to the transmitter.

And Pro Sieben also took the win that night. Joko and Klaas could not assert themselves in front of their employer. Your punishment: You have to be glued to a billboard in a major German city and recite advertising slogans.

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