Ocean Race News: Slow Race, Close Ground

Ocean Race News: Slow Race, Close Ground

Status: 01/26/2023 12:17 p.m.

The Ocean Race 2023 with Boris Herrmann and Susann Beucke is underway. A route overview, all important events, live trackers and background information are available in the NDR.de live ticker.

26/01/2023 12:17

Boris Herrmann: Not on board, but right in the middle

Due to his foot injury, the Hamburg skipper is taking a break on the second leg. He always follows the race, even if he is not on board the Malizia Seaexplorer: he supports the team from the shore, with “analysis of data and performance”, explains the 41-year-old player.

VIDEO: Boris Herrmann: “I’m super motivated” (1 min)

Live tracking: an overview of what is happening during the race

01/26/2023 08:09

Close ground, only Stanjek at the back

After about 13 hours at sea, the participants continue to make slow progress on the second leg. The peloton – led by Biotherm Racing – is only a few nautical miles apart. The only Guyot midfielder with the Berlin skipper Robert Stanjek who is a little late.

25/01/2023 21:47

Small distances between teams

At the start of the second stage, the participants struggle against the light wind. After almost two hours of racing, Biotherm Racing is just ahead of 11th Hour Racing.

25/01/2023 19:15

The second stage has begun

The second leg of the Ocean Race started under bright sunshine and a northeast wind. Team Guyot with skipper Robert Stanjek from Berlin got off to the best start.

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Participants in the Ocean Race 2023 © IMAGO/NurPhoto

The second section leads over 4,600 nautical miles to South Africa. Susann Beucke celebrates her debut, Boris Herrmann has to take a break. Following

Shortly after, however, Team Holcim around Kevin Escoffier – winner of the first stage – took the lead.

25/01/2023 18:00

Hermann stays down – Harris takes command

Boris Herrmann has to take a break in the second leg due to his foot injury. The 28-year-old Englishman Will Harris takes on the role of skipper on this section. He has been part of Team Malizia since 2019 and notably supported Herrmann during the Vandee Globe 2020/21.

25/01/2023 17:30

The crews board

Accompanied by drums, the crews of the five Imoca yachts board their boats.

The most important questions and answers about the Ocean Race

How long has the Ocean Race existed? How is it graded? How many Germans are there? All information is available in the FAQ.

More information

The Ocean Race 2023 off Alicante © IMAGO / NurPhoto

The Ocean Race 2023 started in Alicante with Boris Herrmann. The most important facts about the legendary sailing regatta. Following

01/25/2023 07:35

Ocean Race: 7 legs over 32,000 nautical miles

The most important team regatta in international sailing this year will be for the Imoca class over seven legs and a total of 32,000 nautical miles (approximately 60,000 kilometres).

1st step : Alicante – Cape Verde
Start: January 15; Expected arrival: January 22
1,900 nautical miles
2nd step: Cape Verde – Cape Town/South Africa
Start: January 25. Expected arrival: February 9
4,600 nautical miles
3rd stage: Cape Town – Itajai/Brazil
Start: February 26; Expected arrival: April 1
12,750 nautical miles
4th step: Itajai/Brazil – Newport/USA
Launch: April 23; Expected arrival: May 10
5th step: Newport/USA – Aarhus/Denmark
Start: May 21; Expected arrival: May 30
3,500 nautical miles
6th step: Aarhus/Denmark – Fly-By Kiel – The Hague/Netherlands
Start: June 8; Kiel (non-stop) June 9; Expected arrival: June 11
800 nautical miles
7th step: The Hague/Netherlands – Genoa/Italy
Start: June 15; Expected end: July 1
2,200 nautical miles

VIDEO: Ocean Race 2023: Here is the course (1 min)

01/25/2023 06:00

The general classification of the Ocean Race

1. Team Holcim – 5 points
2. 11th hour race – 4 points
3. Team Malizia – 3 points
4. Biotherm Race – 2 points
5. Midfielder Guyot – European Team – 1 point

01/24/2023 11:00 PM

Wednesday start of the second stage

Around 7 p.m. German time, the five boats set off for the second leg. It leads over 4,600 nautical miles to South Africa. Expected arrival is February 9th.

VIDEO: Beucke, Ocean Race sailor: “I really want to get started” (1 min)

24/01/2023 21:00

Stanjek assumes the role of skipper

While Boris Herrmann (Team Malizia) is injured and Susann Beucke (Holcim) is on board for the first time, the two other German participants are continuing their first offshore race today with Team Europe. The Berliners Robert Stanjek and Phillip Kasüske are on board the environment Guyot, who finished the first stage in fifth place.

Stanjek resumes the role of skipper in stage 2 as planned. The exams are different from the first section. It is now a matter of crossing the equator as quickly as possible in light winds. Only then will the Imoca yachts rise on their foils in the southern trade winds for longer periods and fly towards Cape Town on their wings.

24/01/2023 19:34

Herrmann remains confident despite the misadventure

Boris Herrmann burned his foot on stage one when a pot of hot water tipped over. Nevertheless, he looks forward to the rest of the race with confidence.

VIDEO: Herrmann confident despite “a stupid mishap” (2 min)

01/24/2023 1:30 PM

Closing with anticipation and humility

On the return, Susann Beucke is part of the Holcim crew around skipper Kevin Escoffier. The joy is great, as is the respect for the task.

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Susann Beucke from Kiel, crew member of the Ocean Race team

The sailing race around the world also begins on Wednesday for the Kielois. Beucke joins leader Kevin Escoffier. Following

01/23/2023 01:00

Herrmann misses the second leg of the Ocean Race

Bitter news for Boris Herrmann and the Malizia team. The Hamburg skipper seriously burned his foot during the first leg and will not be able to compete in the second leg of the round the world sailing regatta.

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Boris Herrmann sails with his Malizia team in the port race of the 14th Ocean Race © picture alliance/dpa/Team Malizia Photo: Antoine Auriol

Shortly before the end of the first leg, the circumnavigator from Hamburg suffered a serious burn on his foot. Following

21/01/2023 19:35

The highlights of the first stage

Spectacular images, an exciting race and Boris Herrmann in third place: the highlights of the first stage from Alicante to Cape Verde.

VIDEO: Ocean Race: The first leg from Alicante to Cape Verde (8 min)

21/01/2023 12:00

Hermann “super happy” with his team

After crossing the finish line, Boris Herrmann was content with third place in the first stage. “I’m super happy with the performance of our boat and my team,” said the Hamburger. “It took us almost three days to talk to each other, it was so noisy and brutal on board after a takeoff in difficult conditions. After that, we took advantage of almost champagne conditions, fairly fast and pleasant navigation.”

01/21/2023 09:00

Escoffier’s Holcim team wins first stage – Herrmann third

French skipper Kevin Escoffier and his crew have won the first leg of the Ocean Race. The Holcim yacht reached the finish line near Mindelo overnight from Friday to Saturday. The 11th Hour Racing team finished second, 2:50 behind.

Team Malizia led by Boris Herrmann crossed the finish line in third place on Saturday at 8.35 a.m. German time.

01/20/2023 09:02 PM

Release! Ocean Race 2023 has begun

The start of the Ocean Race 2023 has been given in Alicante. The five boats of the Imoca class, including “Malizia – Seaexplorer” by Boris Herrmann, tackled the first leg of the legendary round-the-world team regatta. It leads over 1,900 nautical miles (about 3,500 kilometers) to Cape Verde. Expected arrival is January 22.

All in all, the Ocean Race lasts more than six months. The seventh and final stage will start in The Hague on June 15. It ends with the grand finale in Genoa. The arrival is scheduled for July 1st.

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