Two 4-, one 1+: BILD rates ALL TV experts

Two 4-, one 1+: BILD rates ALL TV experts

Germany makes a fool of itself with the unique laugh WM – and Bastian Schweinsteiger suddenly lives in a TV triangle!

Thinking about live polyamory in public broadcasting? This is definitely going too far! It’s true: what Schweini, Jessy and Super-Esther showed on ARD for two weeks is the first sports soap opera on German television: they laugh, analyze, flirt and mingle through the Qatar program like three teenagers in a quarry pond.

Unexpectedly, because Jessy Wellmer and expert Schweini recently forcibly divorced the former. Reason: disrupted communication. Jessy was only brought back into the squad when Alexander Bommes was away due to illness and since then has moved on regularly to his ex and new girlfriend Esther Sedlaczek on the sidelines.

Jessy: “Now Esther and Sebastian are taking over – Sebastiiiaaan?”

Bastian Schweini: “You can even call me Sébastien.”

Esther: “Well, if anyone has the right to do that, it’s Jessy…”

Jessy: “Now you can call me Jenny or Peggy!”

Wonderfully flirty, this trio. Willingly or not, they entertain more than the stiff group of experts at the ARD counter studio…

ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger (right) in conversation with national coach Hansi Flick (left) receives BamS grade 2-

Photo: Federico Gambarini/dpa

Wellmerin’s half-baked questions, which are often too slow (“You all look really smart today…”), provoke the ever-hands-on goalkeeping expert Almuth Schult (“I’m very excited how this tournament went!”), boring cosmopolitan Sami Khedira (“Flick is always the good one”) and Qatar’s chief critic Thomas Hitzlsperger (“I don’t feel any anger among the German players!”) too often for verbal braking maneuvers.

Compared to the competition in the bathrobe regulator ZDF and the Kerner team of pay-TV channel Magenta TV, ARD still has plenty of room for in-depth verbal analysis.

► It’s good that Schweini (the singer of the shower commercial) is now showing courage and, as at the beginning of the horror against Japan and at the time of World Cup knockouts are finally talking about fracture…

With his “emotional leader” Esther, he even warms up national manager Hansi and DFB Oliver Bierhoff. Before the game, Schweini loves Flick fans, the desert flies from his face, after the final whistle he unpacks the swatter: “I’m shocked! Of course Hansi Flick must also blame himself for the fact that we let’s be eliminated from a group like this…. We brought all that on us!

Braxxxalotti! Schweini, who suddenly no longer wears 60+ fashion and sponsor watches, can do more on the mic than DFB hugs and mumbled analysis…

Belongs to Truth: Sedlaczek, who was always 1a prepared, played the biggest role in refining his profile (BamS rating: 1). She lets the 2014 world champion shine, guiding him through the topics in a much more authoritative and rhetorical way than his predecessor. The Esther effect stimulates Schweini!

In general: The Sedlaczek is something like the personified remaining defense of the ARD. Annoying that Germany now has to go to the cooling pool – we could have used more of those teardown moments…

Presenter Esther Sedlaczek received 1 rating from BamS

ARD presenter Esther Sedlaczek received 1 rating from BamS

Photo: Getty Images

► 64 games, three channels, a total of what seems to be 100 experts – one thing is already certain: the beloved (little) winter The World Cup is also talked to death from time to time: with live segments lasting 13 hours in some cases, ARD, ZDF and Magenta TV provide superpower even for super nerds. In addition to Qatar’s boycott attitude, the lackluster ratings might also have something to do with the many talkers.

And after the end of Germany, there is a risk of a total collapse of the quotas…

It will certainly continue to be fun to outrageous. Finally, besides expert number 1 Christoph Kramer (“Bad luck always means incapacity!”), ARD philosopher Thomas Broich (“That serpentine – Musiala is an artist!”), courageous woman Claudia Neumann (wore on ZDF in a demonstrative way rainbow bandage and T-shirt) as well as the polarizing commentator duo Béla Réhty (“And here the team leader in the control room!”) and Sandro Wagner (“I thought before that the whole curve was full of German supporters. That’s when I noticed it, it’s the Qatari bathrobes”). If you want, you can get excited now!

Christoph Kramer receives BamS grade 1+

Christoph Kramer receives BamS grade 1+

Photo: ZDF

The ultimate World Cup discoveries: Magenta TV expert Tabea Kemme and ARD journalist Lea Wagner!

► Olympic champion Kemme (including FC Arsenal) breaks down the game in a way that is understandable and fun at the same time. Even the obstinate colleague Michael Ballack (“Everything must be questioned at the DFB now!”) does not allow himself to be swayed. On the contrary! Kemme (“That’s not how I let myself dance as a defender!”) often steals Ballack’s punchlines. Unlike when he was a professional, the ex-Bayern star reacted unassumingly and confidently. Captain Quality!

At its premiere WM The sports program Mrs. Wagner is directly the representative of the national team in the first – and immediately the favorite of viewers.

Unexcited, question-proof and super telegenic, she interrogates the DFB-Hansis. When the movie asked about the knockout, she just called family friend Jürgen Klopp and asked if he wanted to take over. Cool! Lea (trademark: small circle tattoo on right wrist) inherited the Kickeria gene from her father and former Schalke manager David.

Attention: from December 17, Lea will continue ski jumping in Engelberg. Until then, Wagnerian is the rainbow in ARD’s Qatari cosmos.

More and more strong women on football TV – thanks for that…

The ratings of all TV experts in the overview

to note
Esther Sedlaczek (ARD) 1
Bastien Schweinsteiger (ARD) 2-
Tom Bartels (ARD) 2
Bela Rethy (ZDF) 3
Katrin Muller Hohenstein (ZDF) 3
Claudia Neumann (ZDF) 3+
By Mertesacker (ZDF) 2-
Christoph Kramer (ZDF) 1+
Thomas Hitzlsperger (ARD) 3-
Almuth Schult (ARD) 2
Sami Khedira (ARD) 3-
Jessy Wellmer (ARD) 4-
Jochen Breyer (ZDF) 2
Olivier Schmidt (ZDF) 3+
Sandro Wagner (ZDF) 2+
Gerd Gottlob (ARD) 4-
Johannes B. Kerner (Magenta) 2
Michel Ballack (magenta) 2-
Tabéa Kemme (Magenta) 1
Anet Sattler (Magenta) 2-
Lea Wagner (ARD) 2+
Thomas Broich (ARD) 3
Julia Sharp (ARD) 4

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