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Skiing icon Rosi Mittermaier has died and is buried at her adopted home in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

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From: Tanya Kipke


The mourning of ski legend Rosi Mittermaier († 72) is great. After a short and serious illness, she died on January 4. She is to be buried in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – The “Gold-Rosi” could never fully understand the turmoil around her person. They were characterized by modesty and down to earth. A world star, without airs or graces. them time she said shortly after her retirement: “Am I an idol? It’s such a big word. In terms of sport, maybe that’s me for some – but basically I haven’t achieved anything great. I haven’t discovered any new medicine or anything like that. I just appreciate it. Even now.”

On January 4, Mittermaier dies of a short and serious illness. She “slept peacefully surrounded by her family”, as her family confirmed the news of her passing on January 5. Her son Felix Neureuther said goodbye to his mother with moving words.

Funeral of Rosi Mittermaier: Place and date of burial probably secret

Many winter sports enthusiasts are now wondering when and where the funeral of the former Olympic champion will take place. However, this apparently remains a secret. Mittermaier’s dying wish was not to have a public funeral. She wanted to be buried in the circle closest to her adopted home in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, like Markus Wasmeier, a close family friend Photo betrayed.

Skiing icon Rosi Mittermaier has died and is buried at her adopted home in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. © Angelika Warmuth/dpa

“She didn’t want any fuss,” Wasmeier says. He and his wife will also be part of the grieving community. According to information from the newspaper, she should find her last home alongside her in-laws Margarethe and Gottfried Neureuther.

It’s also unclear when exactly the skiing icon will be buried. Normally, the deceased are buried between four and ten days after death. The funeral will likely take place later this week.

Rosi Mittermaier funeral: There will be no public funeral service

According to the current state of knowledge, there will be no public funeral service for Rosi Mittermaier. As in his life, Mittermaier does not want any fuss around his person after his death. It is not yet known who exactly counts among the family and closest friends.

Mittermaier was diagnosed with cancer shortly after his 72nd birthday. Wasmeier described the disease at Photo like “devil”. The skiing icon was “brave and positive” all the way. “When she knew she couldn’t go on, she accepted it. She kept pointing out how happy and fulfilling her life was. (tkip)

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