Pico Announces Corvil Cloud Analytics for Crypto Trading on AWS [Advance Cash ]

Pico Announces Corvil Cloud Analytics For Crypto Trading On Aws

NEW YORK, May 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pico, a leading global provider of mission-critical technology services, software, data and analytics for the financial markets community, today announced the availability of its Corvil Cloud Analytics solution designed to maximize performance and provide visibility into service assurance in crypto trading environments.

Pico's Corvil Analytics has been a trusted partner in the financial industry for over 20 years, delivering unparalleled insight into technology and transaction performance in dynamic network settings. Now, with Corvil Cloud Analytics, we are expanding our reach beyond monitoring traditional exchange activity in colocation environments to crypto exchanges in public cloud environments. Corvil Cloud Analytics can empower crypto traders with high-quality, granular data capture and analysis capabilities, ensuring complete visibility and control without compromising quality or accuracy.

“A considerable portion of the crypto trading marketplaces, including most exchanges, market makers, and institutional investors, are hosted in public cloud infrastructure. They run highly optimized workloads where performance or reliability issues directly impact business results,”

said Ken Jinks, executive director, product management at Pico.

"Corvil Cloud Analytics provides visibility and timestamps of every crypto trade and market data message, enabling all parties to achieve deterministic performance in this highly dynamic environment."

A key aspect of the Corvil Cloud Analytics solution for crypto markets is the ability to decipher market data and real-time order flow data. This is especially difficult because all sites use perfect forward secrecy for encryption. Corvil Cloud Analytics provides a decryption solution in this environment to enable full visibility of every order and every market data message.

This level of granularity allows Corvil Cloud Analytics to provide the following functionality for crypto trading:

  1. Connection loss analysis:

    Users can identify the cause of all connection drops using the connection's complete packet logging, as well as all handshake and protocol messages.

  2. Order tracking and dispute resolution:

    With full visibility into commands, sent and received, and corresponding responses, this eliminates ambiguity and facilitates quick resolution of individual commands.

  3. Latency measurements:

    Orders are automatically correlated with responses to measure latency and track the full lifecycle of the order.

  4. Algorithmic performance monitoring:

    The performance of any workload can be measured; for example, the decision latency of the trading algorithm can be measured from market data tick to order execution.

  5. Workload Instrumentation:

    Corvil AppAgent enables internal workload instrumentation, making it easy to measure latency for specific stages of a workload, such as managing market data feeds, algorithm trading decisions, and execution of orders.

  6. Visibility of microbursts:

    Leveraging every packet, Corvil Cloud Analytics provides real-time visibility into microbursts causing congestion in public cloud infrastructure and private leased lines between crypto sites, making it easy to accurately size expensive private lines.

To learn more about the challenges Corvil Cloud Analytics addresses for crypto trading, click here.

Corvil Analytics is currently used by the world's largest banks, exchanges, electronic market makers, quantitative hedge funds, data service providers and brokers in the traditional financial market. Now, Corvil Cloud Analytics offers the same highly granular visibility to cryptocurrency trading businesses to help maximize trading results in this emerging market.

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