27 Sept 2021

TBN Software Free Download for increase YouTube Watch Time

TBN Software Free Download for increase YouTube Watch Time

Get a free youtube video viewer

Dear friends, if you are a YouTube creator and looking for software that will give you 4000 hours of your viewing time, then you are at the right place. The name of this useful software is TBN. You can download it for free and use it.
TBN Software Free Download

TBN Software is one of the Best for increase Youtube Watch Time, You will have this opportunity to find such a tool and software which is very good and necessary to increase your views on Youtube. The program itself injects visits into the video until it reaches +301, an important statistic for YouTubers because it occurs when Google checks videos for unnatural growth patterns.

Some important things with TBN software

If you upload a video and within minutes you use this software to increase visits, rest assured that Google is going to look at you in detail, it may delete the video or remove the channel. So use it sparingly.

Google, of all the things it can track, is able to figure out where you connect, the time, your IP address, and the time elapsed between connections to one of its resources, so if you're using this If you abuse the method it is quite likely that Google gets a little annoyed and asks you to enter a captcha to buy that those connections are human.

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