5 Best Crypto ICOs to Watch This Week [Advance Cash ]

5 Best Crypto Icos To Watch This Week

The crypto market has returned to its bearish trend, with Bitcoin barely holding the $30,000 price threshold.

However, while many established coins are stagnating, there are several high-potential new crypto launches that investors are backing to outperform the broader market.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the top five crypto ICO projects to watch this week.

Wall Street Memes Token Surpasses $14 Million – Is It the Next Pepe Coin?

The explosive pre-sale of the Wall Street Memes token has drawn a lot of attention, with many traders believing it to be the next big meme coin phenomenon.

$WSM surpassed $14 million in just six weeks with investors lured by its strong potential and massive following on social media.

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As with many successful meme coin projects, the token has strong community support. Born out of GameStop's historic short push, the Wall Street Memes group has now built an internet army of a million.

Even Elon Musk interacted with his Twitter accountsomething that has worked wonders for other tokens like Dogecoin.

Investors trust the project because of the group's proven expertise in the Web3 space. His popular Wall St Bulls NFT collection sold out in just 32 minutes, grossing $2.5 million.

The Wall Street Memes token is aiming for a market capitalization of $1 billion, in part due to its community-driven tokenomics. The entire $WSM bundle is available to the general public, with no team discount, reducing fear of any pump-and-dump tactics.

50% of the 2 billion supply is available in the presale itself and investors can buy them by bank card or by exchanging ETH or USDT tokens.

The remaining allocation is split between Community Rewards (30%) and CEX and DEX Cash (20%), with no team allocation to ensure a fair launch and 100% community project.

Visit the Wall Street Memes Presale

Mr Hankey Coin set for $500,000 presale on July 13 as hype builds around New Shitcoin

Mr Hankey Coin is the newest meme coin ICO on the block and is set to launch on July 13th.

Based on the beloved South Park character, this literal shitcoin will have a quick presale to raise $500,000 which is expected to sell out quickly before its launch on the exchanges.

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Mr. Hankey Coin is rumored to have been developed by the same team behind tokens like SPONGE, which saw 100x growth earlier this year. The team's marketing engine saw the project spread rapidly across Web3 even before the token launched with its showcase on Dexscreener and Coingecko, raising hopes that HANKEY could be the next big shitcoin.

Mr. Hankey Coin has a limited supply of just 1 billion HANKEY tokens, 40% of which are available for pre-sale, meaning potential investors will need to act quickly after launch.

However, the exact drop time is yet to be announced, which means investors should follow the chain's social media pages, including Twitter and Telegram – so as not to miss the token.

The remaining allocation is for the liquidity pool (40%), marketing (10%), team and development (5%), and centralized exchanges (5%). Liquidity should be locked in at launch, so there's no chance of getting all-in.

HANKEY is an ERC-20 coin that will be available for purchase on the Mr Hankey Coin website from July 13.

Visit the Mr. Hankey Coin website

Thug Life ICO spends $1 million, 6 days left to buy

With the booming meme coin mania, the Thug Life token has become one of the top crypto ICO projects to watch. The self-proclaimed “baller meme piece” raised $845,000 in just over a week.

The $THUG presale has a hard cap of $2,058,000 and will end on July 17. Thus, investors have a limited opportunity to take advantage of the $0.0007 price before it explodes after launch.

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The Thug Life movement has clearly struck a chord with the crypto community. Popularized by hip-hop legends like Tupac, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, the culture represents a resilient attitude and the drive to win at all costs.

Many crypto traders know what it's like to lose their savings on just one bad investment. Others have been defrauded by pump-and-dump scams and rug pulls.

The Thug Life token provides another opportunity for these market players to right their ships.

The token seeks to further drive user adoption with community-driven tokenomics. 70% of the $THUG offer is available in the presale itself, allowing small investors to maximize their profits.

Investors can acquire the token by trading ETH or USDT tokens.

Visit the Thug Life presale

AI Crypto yPredict Turns Heads as Token Nears $3 Million Milestone

The demand for AI-based crypto projects continues to rise, especially after NVIDIA's remarkable rally. The $YPRED token is one such investment opportunity to watch as it raised $2.8 million during the presale.

The token powers the next-generation yPredict platform that helps traders make data-driven decisions. The all-in-one ecosystem offers a suite of powerful products for users of all experience levels.

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The company's flagship product, yPredict Marketplace, enables AI/ML experts to publish state-of-the-art data models. Traders can subscribe to these models and use them to make informed decisions in real time.

Likewise, users can take advantage of sentiment analysis, transaction data analysis, and pattern recognition algorithms to gain valuable manufacturer insights.

All $YPRED holders are automatically eligible for lifetime access to the Market Predictions platform. It includes thousands of accurate price predictions for cryptoassets and securities.

The platform already has over 20,000 pending users and is backed by VCs and professional traders.

Besides its great utility, $YPRED has one of the most lucrative tokenomics – holders can earn up to 45% in quarterly staking rewards.

Investors who wish to acquire the token can trade ETH, USDT or MATIC tokens or buy it by bank card.

Visit the yPredict presale

Ecoterra Green Project Surpasses $6 Million, Gets Three Stock Exchange Listings This Week

As investors become more and more environmentally conscious, the demand for eco-friendly tokens is on the rise.

The Ecoterra token caught the attention of these investors as it surpassed the $6 million mark during the presale and is now expected to be listed on multiple exchanges on July 14, with investors having just one day left to buy. at presale prices.

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With the presale ending on July 13, $ECOTERRA tokens will be listed for their IEO on Bitmart, LBank and Uniswap from 10:00 UTC on July 14 - marking a very limited time for investors to buy at the presale price of 0.01 $.

The project uses blockchain technology to fight climate change and inspire businesses and individuals to play their part.

Its Recycle2Earn app rewards users with $ECOTERRA tokens for recycling their waste. On the other hand, the recycled products market allows companies to buy recycled products at low prices, thus creating a sustainable circular economy.

Users paying their green energy bills through the platform will also earn attractive $ECOTERRA rewards.

Ecoterra also helps individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint - they can buy verified carbon units on the platform and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to reversing anthropogenic global warming, the Ecoterra project plays a crucial role in changing the mainstream perception of cryptography.

Investors can buy the token by exchanging ETH or USDT or via bank cards. With $ECOTERRA currently in the final stages of its presale, they also earn a 10% bonus on every purchase.

Visit the Ecoterra presale