Axie Infinity Co-Founder Discusses GameFi Success and Future Plans at Crypto Unlocked By Benzinga [Advance Cash ]

Axie Infinity Co-Founder Discusses Gamefi Success And Future Plans At Crypto Unlocked By Benzinga

Benzinga - In an enlightening interview hosted by Justin Roberti and myself, J. Rod SafdiyeAt Benzinga Crypto Unlocked virtual event, we took a deep dive into the future of Oeb3 play with Jihozthe co-founder of Axie Infinity (CRYPTO: AXS) And Sky Mavis. The conversation covered a range of topics, from the merits of gaming as an introduction to Web3, the fluctuations of Web3 gaming economies, to the potential of dynamic NFTs. Jihoz shared a wealth of knowledge on the rapidly changing landscape of Web3 games and NFTs.

h2 Gaming as a Gateway to Web3/h2 Jihoz believes that games are the best way to bring people into Web3. He explained, "Our thesis is that games are the best way to bring people into Web3 because they combine something that 2 billion people on this planet know." His comments at the Benzinga event highlighted the importance of gaming as an entry point into the burgeoning Web3 space.

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h2 The Ebb and Flow of Play-to-Earn Web3 Gaming Economies/h2 When asked how the "play to win" narrative matured during this bear market, Jihoz responded by saying, "Playing to win was a very good catchphrase and that it greatly simplified one of the new advantages of a Web3 game economy."

"What I believe is that profits and economic opportunity in these digital economies come and go, just as the profitability of Bitcoin mining comes and goes," he explained. His analogy between the crypto mining industry and Web3 gaming illustrated the parallel economic forces at play, further highlighting the potential, risks, and rewards of gambling games to win in the Web3 realm.

h2 Expanding the Axie Universe: A Look at Axie Infinity Homeland/h2 Shedding light on the expansion of the Axie brand, Axie now includes Axie Infinity Homeland, an immersive city-building experience set in the Axie universe. "Axie Infinity Homeland is absolutely beautiful. It's beautiful, and it's in Alpha right now," Jihoz revealed to the Benzinga audience.

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h2 Ronin: The Future of Web3/h2 Gaming Infrastructure On expanding the horizons of Ronin (CRYPTO:RON), the infrastructure behind Axie Infinity, Jihoz shared that they just announced five games outside the Axie universe powered by Ronin. "The best Web3 game infrastructure will be built by the team that actually built Web3 games and successfully scaled them," he said confidently.

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Talking about the evolution of Ronin, Jihoz illustrated how their local infrastructure is attracting game developers beyond Axie Infinity. "We just announced five games outside of the Axie universe that will actually be built and powered by Ronin," he said, pointing to the platform's growing versatility.

h2 The North Korean Breach: User Retrievals and Restoration/h2 Reflecting on last year's breach by North Korean actors, Jihoz spoke about the steps taken to restore user confidence and compensate for losses. Jihoz proudly stated that all users have been fully reimbursed for their losses. "We were able to resist, everyone got a full refund," he said, emphasizing the importance of security in the rapidly changing Web3 space.

"One thing that's been really exciting is that actually, you know, up to $30 million to $40 million of those funds have been recovered by different law enforcement agencies," he said. he explains.

h2 The Future of Gaming and NFTs: Dynamic NFTs/h2 Looking ahead, Jihoz hopes to see more innovations and new mechanics that aren't possible in traditional games. “I think the question to ask is what is the major breakthrough in Web3 gaming that someone is working on right now,” he mused, suggesting the idea of ​​dynamic NFTs, where an NFT can be modified or improved by the efforts of the player, as possible. future breakthrough.

Looking to the future, Jihoz thinks dynamic NFTs are a significant step forward. "I think one idea is the idea of ​​a dynamic NFT where you can spend your time, effort, skill to earn, craft materials, experience points," he shared. These dynamic elements, Jihoz suggested, could cultivate a more sustainable consumer economy in the gaming industry.

Without a doubt, Jihoz is an authority when it comes to developing projects in a Web3 environment. He succeeded in cultivating a principled and united community, reflecting his own character. The fact that he compensated all affected users says a lot about the quality of leadership that we find in him. Certainly, the entire crypto community will continue to benefit from the developments that Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis and Ronin have to present to us in the near future.

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