New study shows transmission of corona to cats so likely

New study shows transmission of corona to cats so likely

Especially when we are sick, we crave emotional support. Cuddling pets would be one of the first thoughts for many. Since Corona and the assumption that one can infect cats with the virus many owners stay away from cats when they themselves are sick. A new study shows how likely it is that we infect our cats or that they can infect us with a virus.

“Can I infect my cat with viruses?” All points at a glance

Patricia is a proud cat mom. Photo: Patricia Neumann

Our author Patricia is a passionate cat mom and therefore our cat expert. All the advice you will find here has been tested by her and her cat Lio beforehand.

Transmission from cat to human

A new study has documented how a veterinarian in Thailand felt infected a cat with Covid-19 A. This is the first documented case of cat-to-human transmission of the coronavirus. One of the cat’s two owners has himself caught crown and it looks like infected cat. According to the study, the cat has The Prince of Songkla University of Thailand then the doctors on site sneezed and so on covid infected. The three people and the cat were with us same delta variant infected.

However, the scientists in the study agree that a Infection from cat to human highly unlikely be.

Transmission from human to animal

It is much more likely that you infect your cat with Coronathan infecting you with the virus, scientists say. Yet cats get rather rarely Corona. This Friedrich Loeffler Institute announced to the Berliner Morgenpost in January that only 12 cats infected by their humans had been confiscated at that time.

cat crown
Cats can also contract the virus, although this is less common. Photo: Robert Poorten / Imago Images

This is how the virus manifests in cats

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), animals show symptoms similar to ours. So if your cat has a fever, coughs, is breathing heavily, seems lethargic, sneezes, has a stuffy nose, is vomiting or has diarrhea, you should be careful.

Go Don’t go to the vet yourself.if you are infected with Covid-19. Call your veterinarian and ask for advice.

You should do this if you get Corona or other viral diseases

The studies are a good reminder that we should minimize contact with pets if we become infected. This is exactly what the Friedrich Loeffler Institute and the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise. When in contact with a pet, one must ewear a mask, advises the Friedrich Loeffler Institute. However, they need cats no maskssince the danger does not come from them.

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