Formula 1: How dirty is Sebastian Vettel’s job?

Formula 1: How dirty is Sebastian Vettel's job?

With his T-shirt and helmet campaigns, Sebastian Vettel (34) repeatedly draws attention to environmental and human rights issues. For example, last weekend in Canada on the local and controversial exploitation of the oil sands.

But how dirty is his work? the Formula 1in which he pilots his 16th season?

Sebastian Vettel vor dem Rennen in KanadaPhoto: CLIVE MASON/AFP

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Sebastian Vettel before the race in CanadaPhoto: CLIVE MASON/AFP

► According to its own statements, Formula 1 emits a good 256,000 tonnes of CO2 in one year. By way of comparison: each German citizen produces an average of 11.2 tonnes per year (source: Federal Environment Agency). Includes for example the purchase of goods.

surprise: Only 0.7% of emissions in a Formula 1 season are caused by cars on the track. Hybrid engines are relatively efficient. Since this year, E10 (ie 10% fuel from renewable resources) has been used. By 2026, there will be a full shift to regenerative fuels. And then there are the new engines.

The main cause of CO2 emissions in Formula 1 is logistics (45%). Team cargo is transported and shipped around the world. 27.7% can be attributed to team employees who travel.

Formula 1 has set itself the goal of becoming completely zero emissions by 2030, including through alternative fuels in logistics.

Große Teile der Formel-1-Fracht werden per Flugzeug befördert. DHL ist Logistik-Partner der SeriePhoto: DHL

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Much of the Formula 1 freight is transported by air. DHL is the logistics partner of the seriesPhoto: DHL

But the problem: At first glance, these special fuels seem sustainable, but according to environmental aids, they require five times more energy to produce than regular fuels.

The teams only connected parts of their crews in the factories via computer in order to save on air travel. A smart racing schedule could also avoid unnecessary emissions. In 2022, Formula 1 took the following absurd route: Australia – Italy – USA – Europe – Azerbaijan – Canada – then back to Europe.

old witch Moreover, he compensates himself for his air travel with CO2 certificates.

He told SPORT BILD: “I would like sport to take sustainability more seriously, follow words with action and build momentum there.”

In comparison: According to Fifa, the 2018 World Cup in Russia caused 2.2 million tons of CO2. You could drive Formula 1 for around 8.6 years. However: three-quarters of this is attributable to travel activity, including fans…

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