Equity markets: “The rally has gone too far” – Markus Koch

Markus Koch über die Rally der Aktienmärkte

The stock market rally has gone too far – says Wall Street expert Markus Koch. The mood was still extremely pessimistic in June – stock markets are now pricing in that the latest inflation data will soon force the US Federal Reserve to lower interest rates again.

Markus Koch: Stock markets too bullish on interest rates

However, this optimistic assessment is probably too optimistic, according to Markus Koch in an interview with Mario Lochner. Because there is still a long way to go before interest rates turn around, the market is now susceptible to a setback, if only because the Fed has repeatedly made it clear over the past few days that she would maintain her course.

Since the June low, the Nasdaq has gained more than 20% and the S&P 500 is now above the 4,200 mark, making up for half of the price losses from the high. How’s it going from here? In any case, certain parameters indicate that the air could become thinner for the stock markets over the next few days or weeks.

Markus Koch with his assessment of the current situation on the stock markets – it is currently more difficult than it has been for a long time, if

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