Singer Feist cancels tour with Arcade Fire

Singer Feist cancels tour with Arcade Fire

After allegations against leader
Singer Feist cancels tour with Arcade Fire

Several women have accused the Arcade Fire frontman of sexual misconduct. Vocalist Feist, who was actually supposed to support the band on the current tour, is now bearing the consequences. “I can’t go on,” she explains.

Musician Leslie Feist, who works as an artist only under her last name, interrupted the tour with Arcade Fire. The reason for this is the recent allegations in a “Pitchfork” article against the group’s leader, Win Butler.

In a statement on Instagram, the Canadian singer describes how she came across the article: “In a pub in Dublin, after rehearsing with my band, I read the same title as you. We didn’t have time to look forward to what was to come to prepare, not to mention lucky to decide not to fly across the ocean in the midst of this situation.”

The joint concert in Dublin obviously took place – a photo showing Feist’s merchandise stand is circulating on Twitter. A notice on the stand says the proceeds will be donated to a women’s charity in Dublin. The next concerts that Feist was to open in Europe will probably take place without her.

Taking to Instagram, the 46-year-old added that the post “sparked a conversation bigger than me, bigger than my songs and certainly bigger than any rock ‘n’ roll tour”. Continuing the concerts together would send a signal that she was unaware of the damage Butler had done. However, that is out of the question for her. “I can’t solve it by stopping, I can’t solve it by staying, but I can’t keep going,” Feist said.

According to Pitchfork research, Butler allegedly harassed several young women with sexual messages between 2015 and 2020. Another person claimed that Butler sexually harassed her twice. The 42-year-old apologized in a statement for his behavior, but also stressed that all sexual contact was by mutual consent. His wife and teammate Régine Chassagne, to whom Butler has been married since 2003, also supported her husband with a statement.

Arcade Fire has just released a new album. The Canadian band’s European tour will also take them to Munich, Cologne and Berlin in September.

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