Tight bikini: Leni Klum (18) shows off her curves!

Tight bikini: Leni Klum (18) shows off her curves!

Leni Klum (18) shows what she has! Since her decision to go public in January 2021, the pretty blonde has amassed a large following on social media. The model regularly inspires around 1.4 million subscribers with insight into her daily life. Just a few weeks ago, for example, she proudly announced that she had graduated from high school. well twisted leni her followers in skimpy bikinis!

On their instagramaccount, the 18-year-old has now posted two snaps showing her in a pink swimsuit. In a big lounge chair seemed leni to relax while showing off your toned silhouette. The Vogue cover girl then combined the pink floral bikini with a straw hat, which the blonde had pulled down over her face in one of the photos.

In the comments under the post, many enthusiastic messages from subscribers were collected. For example, a fan wrote that leni is truly the prettiest girl in the world, while another added “You are beautiful”. Apparently, Thomas Hayo also liked the recording, as the former GNTM juror gave the post a like.

Leni Klum in May 2022
Leni Klum, model
Leni Klum at the opening of the Miss Dior pop-up in March 2022

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