CoinDesk Indices and Truvius join forces to make exposure to the crypto sector available for direct investment [Advance Cash ]

Coindesk Indices And Truvius Join Forces To Make Exposure To The Crypto Sector Available For Direct Investment

CoinDesk Indices ("CDI"), a subsidiary of CoinDesk and AUM's leading provider of digital asset indices since 2014, announced a collaboration with Truvius, a provider of thematic digital asset portfolios designed for institutions and corporations. individuals, backed by the venture capital team of Galaxy, a subsidiary of Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. CDI and Truvius will provide a “first” digital asset investment to enable direct access to portfolios managed by Truvius tracking CDI’s crypto industry indices.

This pioneering effort will mark a significant milestone and introduce a new paradigm in the digital asset ecosystem. By combining CDI's expertise and experience in digital asset classification as a trusted provider of digital asset indices with the power of Truvius' systematic thematic process, clients will soon have access to investable portfolios , automated and highly innovative that track digital asset indices that allow for customization, including the ability to allocate to model portfolios that replicate multiple indices.

“We are thrilled to partner with CoinDesk Indices to deliver a game-changing investment solution,” said Connor Farley, CEO and Co-Founder of Truvius. “Our institutional quality, transparent sophistication and fiduciary focus, combined with CDI's trusted expertise, will enable clients to participate directly in the growth potential of the crypto sectors. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to constant innovation and expanding access to carefully designed digital asset products for all investors.

“We are excited to work with the exceptional team at Truvius to help them generate innovative, forward-thinking products to improve and democratize access to nuanced investment strategies in digital assets,” said Andy Baehr, CFA, Managing Director of CoinDesk Indices. "CDI's meticulously constructed and market-tested index methodologies provide a solid foundation for the Truvius platform for benchmarking and direct exposure to index-based portfolios."

Sectors soon to be available on the Truvius platform include IT, Culture & Entertainment, Currency, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Smart Contracts platform represented by the following CDI indices:

The sectors are based on CDI's Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS), which rates and categorizes thousands of digital assets into distinct sectors on a monthly basis. Constituents in these sectors then go through a screening process to meet certain trading and custody requirements. Those that meet the criteria form the Crypto Sector Indices, designed to measure the market-cap-weighted performance of some of the largest and most liquid digital assets.

Steve Kurz, Global Head of Asset Management at Galaxy, said, “By introducing access to crypto sectors, CoinDesk Indices and Truvius are not only expanding opportunities for investors, but also pushing the boundaries of investment strategies. investment in digital assets. This collaboration is a testament to their collective vision and expertise to move the market forward in a thoughtful and careful way. »

To sign up for updates and be the first to gain access to these crypto sectors through Truvius, please join the waitlist here.

About CoinDesk Indices
CoinDesk Indices (CDI), a subsidiary of CoinDesk, has been AUM's leading provider of digital asset indices since 2014. We are driven by accuracy, rigor, research, and a desire to educate the market and empower Investors. CoinDesk, a media, events, data and index company, is the most influential and trusted platform for the global crypto ecosystem.

About Truvius
Truvius powers systematic investing for digital assets. The Truvius investment platform leverages institutional-grade portfolio construction techniques to deliver sustainable, index-like direct digital asset products to institutional and individual investors, along with a rich education experience backed by industry leaders. transparent and compliance-oriented investment processes. Launched this year, Truvius is based in Boston and backed by some of the top crypto investors, including Galaxy and New Form Capital, among others.
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