Darts World Cup 2023: World Champion Peter Wright delivers – like a Grinch!

Darts World Cup 2023: World Champion Peter Wright delivers - like a Grinch!

the The Darts World Cup is finally starting again!

Right in the middle of the defending champ Peter Wright (52). In the first round, he showed no weakness and swept away Mickey Mansell 3:0 in phrases from the legendary “Ally Pally”.

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As often, the Scot delivered a real show before the start of the game. As the Grinch in a Santa Claus costume, he dances on stage to his warm-up song. As usual, the 3,200 fans echo “Don’t stop the paaaarty”.

The World Darts Championship is also a big relief for Wright. His Joane is in London with him, accompanied by his father. The darts champion’s wife had to be hospitalized a few weeks ago for severe pain. After the gallbladder was removed, it was discovered that a slit had formed in the bile duct and fluid was leaking from it.

Ahead of the tournament, Wright told BILD: “It was a terrible time for all of us. We didn’t know what was going on. But we’ve been through the worst. She’s on the mend! That’s the most important.” During the ordeal, Wright had taken a break from the darts tournaments.

Now his wife is back – and the reigning champion keeps his promises!

Of course, as a Grinch, gloves were essential

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His opponent Mickey Mansell was scheduled to play before the game. In the opening of the World Cup, he played against Ben Rob (3:1) in the first round. Wright was set for the 2nd round as world champion, it now continues on December 27.

Wright doesn’t need to unpack his best game against Mansell. Mansell averages just 77.5 points with a disastrous double rate of 14.3%. But Wright’s average (average three-dart value) of 88 points and double rate of 39% still leaves plenty of room for improvement.

Clear Victory by Peter Wright

Clear Victory by Peter Wright

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Except in the first leg of the first set: Wright wins with an average of 112 points. Among other things, he does a 121 with the bullseye. Strong!

The first set went to him 3-1, the second 3-0. In the third round, Wright doesn’t even let the underdog get close. Again with 3:0, he brings it home with confidence.

In previous games, there were the first surprises: Grant Sampson knocked out Keane Barry. Sampson’s secret to the World Cup: he trains in a pub next to his hotel. In the next round, it’s against Kim Huybrechts.

Jermaine Wattimena must also make the first return trip. The Dutchman broke out in a thrilling match against Nathan Rafferty. He must now face fellow favorite Michael Smith.

The results of the 1st day of the World Cup

1 round

Mickey Mansell –Ben Robb 3:1

Keane Barry – Grant Samson 1:3

Jermaine Wattimena- Nathan Rafferty 2:3

2nd round

Peter Wright –Mickey Mansell 3-0

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