Disrupting Business Leadership Through AI, Blockchain, and the Humanization of Digital Communication with a Trio of Innovators [Advance Cash ]

Disrupting Business Leadership Through Ai, Blockchain, And The Humanization Of Digital Communication With A Trio Of Innovators

Disruption Disruption podcast host and veteran communications disruptor, Karla Jo Helmsrecently met with three innovators, each with a different technology, but with very similar goals. Therese Spangler adapts AI and machine learning to simplify executive decision-making; Jai Arun distributed ledger technology tailored to each business; And Hoyin Cheung infuses today's virtual workplaces with humanized technology.

TAMPA BAY, Florida., April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Prior to the pandemic, 92% of business leaders surveyed by McKinsey believed their business model would not remain viable at the pace of digitalization in this era. (1) Experts noted that the road to recovery is paved with data-driven decisions. This can be good news or discouraging news for leaders in any business; small to business.

Enter Therese Spangler, Plazabridge Group CEO and growth strategist, whose AI-powered decision-making tool leverages data and new technologies to drive business value. She explained to Karla Jo Helms, the host of the Disruption/Interruption podcast, discusses how AI helps the executive suite make better decisions faster based on data accumulation rather than risk assessment. "During the pandemic, we have pivoted, changed and resurrected in many ways. However, we are missing the element of future planning for competitive agility by not focusing our efforts on future growth."

Enter Jai Arun, a technology innovator with over 23 years of experience leading startups to enterprises, who saw the value of blockchain in protecting systems and information through its distributed ledger technology. He explained to the host Karla Jo Helms why the monetization of information has created more distrust and the impact of self-sovereign identity and how we perceive information. "Blockchain allows businesses to bring trust and security to systems. Distributed ledger technology can bring trust and transparency to businesses to solve more problems."

Enter Hoyin Cheung from Remo, whose company reveals the nuances of creating and engaging a workplace for all team members and builds real relationships in virtual and hybrid environments. He explained to the host Karla Jo Helms how their technology humanizes digital communication and helps leaders leverage the level of engagement of their employees. "The fun thing about working in tech is that often what limits growth are humans."

Key points to remember:

  • Why the C-Suite desperately needs a decision framework (Spangler)
  • The difference between accumulating data and assessing risk (Spangler)
  • Why the monetization of information has created mistrust; why safety is a factor (Arun)
  • Where blockchain can have the biggest impact on rebuilding societal trust (Arun)
  • Why remote work requires leadership training at all levels (Cheung)
  • How Remo.co helps companies create a remote working culture (Cheung)

Disruption Interruption is the podcast where you'll hear from the biggest disruptors in the industry today. Find out what motivated them to innovate and how they overcame opposition to adoption.

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Listen to Arun's episode here: https://omny.fm/shows/disruption-interruption/disrupting-trust-with-blockchain-with-ibm-s-jai-ar

Listen to Cheung's episode here: https://omny.fm/shows/disruption-interruption/disrupting-humanity-in-the-immersive-web-with-ho-y

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About Interrupt Interrupt:

Disruptions are happening on an unprecedented scale, affecting all sorts of industries – MedTech, Finance, IT, eCommerce, shipping and logistics, and more – and COVID has shifted their timelines by a full decade or more. But WHO are these troublemakers, and when did they say, "THIS IS IT! I GOT IT!" ? It's Time to Disrupt and Interrupt with veteran communications disruptor Karla Jo "KJ" Helms. KJ interviews bad guys who disrupt their industries and alter economic networks that have become obsolete with an establishment resistant to progress. She dives into uncovering the secrets of industry rebels and silent revolutionaries who are discovering common – and not-so-common – traits that are changing our economic markets…and our lives.

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In regards to Karla Jo Helms:

Karla Jo Helms is the Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR® Strategist for JOTO PR Disruptors™.

Karla Jo learned first-hand how ruthless business can be when millions of dollars are at stake – and how scrutiny of public opinion often determines whether one company is chosen happily or another is abruptly rejected. As a former student of crisis management, Karla Jo has worked with litigators, private investigators and the media to help restore goodwill businesses back into the public's good graces - Karla Jo runs on the ethic of getting it right the first time, not relying on second chances, and doing what it takes to excel. Helms speaks globally about PR, how the PR industry itself has gone astray, and how, in the right hands, companies can harness the power of anti-PR to boost markets and have an impact on market perception.

In regards to Therese Spangler:

Therese Spangler is a growth strategist with a background in innovation and digital transformation who is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes achieve their goals. Theresa has extensive experience creating products and solutions that leverage data and new technologies to drive business value. She is the founder of Plazabridge Group and GameDay Decisions Analytics Platform™, an AI-based decision-making tool. Her book, "All I Am Now That I Know," shares 17 lessons she learned as an entrepreneur and growth strategist.

Visit https://www.plazabridgegroup.com/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/teresawspangler/

In regards to Jai Arun:

Jai Arun is a technology and innovation evangelist, convinced of the transformative power of blockchain and its impact on the way we do business. With over 23 years of experience leading teams ranging from startups to billionaire companies like IBM, Jai has seen the impact of compromised systems, the importance of security, and how blockchain protects systems and information. that we appreciate the most.

Visit http://www.ibm.com/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/jsarun/

In regards to Hoyin Cheung:

Ho Yin Cheung is an enterprise technology innovator dedicated to humanizing technology and creating meaningful relationships in the workplace. After working in the social media industry, Ho Yin became disenchanted with the psychological impact he had within society. He is now using his skills and experience to deliver engaging and exciting virtual and hybrid events through technology. "I'm passionate about humanizing technology to create authentic conversations that generate meaningful relationships in the most human way possible.

Visit http://remo.co/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/hoyincheung/

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