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Gcommerce;  Trade Crypto And Forex On The Blockchain

gTrade is a blockchain-based trading platform where traders can access liquidity, participate and trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies. In addition to crypto trading, users can also trade low-cost and on-chain currencies. Users can access over 45 different cryptocurrencies.

gTrade is a product of Gains Network, an innovative DeFi ecosystem built on Polygon and Arbitrum. Through the Gains Network ecosystem, gTrade users have access to liquidity, staking services and user-friendly secure infrastructure for their trades.

Earnings Ecosystem Features

  • Training mode: gTrade has a drive mode which can be used to test gTrade on a live trading scene but without using real tokens. This is done on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet. Users must have a Web3 wallet such as Metamask connected to the Mumbai Testnet, Testnet MATIC to pay for transactions, and Testnet DAI to use as collateral.
  • Trading pair: gTrade exceeded 100 trading pairs which are a combination of forex and crypto. Trading pair refers to the two different cryptocurrencies that are traded against each other on an exchange – crypto or forex. Examples include EUR/USD and BTC/USD.
  • Rollover Fees: This allows traders to use lower leverages while providing adequate risk management for the protocol. Without it, all of the maximum possible open interest for a pair could be taken for a long time (years even on a low leveraged stock pair for example) - completely preventing other traders from having even the possibility of negotiating on it!
  • Leveraged trading: Leverage trading, also known as margin trading, is a trading strategy that allows traders to increase their market exposure by borrowing funds from a broker or broker. 'a bourse. The main advantage of leveraged trading is the potential for higher profits, but it also comes with increased risk, as losses are magnified in the same way as profits. Traders should also be aware of margin calls, which occur when their account value falls below a certain level.
  • gDAI staking: gTrade users can also deposit DAI in exchange for gDAI, an ERC-20 that represents their property in the vault. Stakeholders are rewarded for depositing DAI. However, users have to follow a period system designed in the platform when they want to withdraw their deposit.
  • gTrade Sponsorship: The gTrade reference The system gives users another opportunity to earn rewards based on the number of people they refer in gTrade and the value of the trades they make.
  • gTrade bridge: gTrade has a Polygon/Arbitrum bridge. Users can use the bridge to transfer their tokens between different blockchains on the gTrade platform.

gTrade also offers an OTC (Over The Counter) service where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without the need for a traditional exchange.

The team behind Gains Trade

Some Members of the team behind gTrade are Seb, the founder, also a full-stack developer and in charge of strategy; Nathan, the project manager and also full-stack developer; Lunaman, another project manager and business developer.

Others are Crumb, a full-stack developer; Dreamersnat, a frontend developer; Konrad, a front-end developer; Drew, a back-end developer; Uri, full-stack developer and researcher; Sam, a business developer who is in charge of partnerships & connections; Ross and Kenji as social media coordinators; Jim, designer; Alex, researcher; and Vesnushki, community moderator.

Earnings trading roadmap

In the second quarter of 2022, gTrade was integrated with Polygon and Chainlink, $GNS staking for $DAI rewards was launched, and the referral system was launched. In Q3, some of the highlights were the Custom Chainlink oracle price lookback for guaranteed and exact execution of all limit orders, NFT bot incentive optimizations, and on-chain fee tracking generated (for statistics dashboards).

Between October and December 2022, gTrade updated its vault, allowing staking, trading, and receiving rewards from other collateral in the vault. Other steps taken include major contract refactoring and optimization, full code documentation, website upgrade, full code refactoring/cleanup, full implementation and refinement of the interface and UX, influencer marketing.

In the first quarter of 2023, the trading volume increased from $3.42 billion to $4.03 billion, the distribution of profits increased from $2.3 million to $3.34 million, while the governance fund revenue increased from $439,016 to $485,684. Significant partnerships have been made with Fluidity Money, QiDAO, Silo Finance, Pendle Finance, Perpy Finance and Ramses.

GTrade Tokenomics

The $GNS token is the native crypto of the Gains ecosystem that was distributed to early adopters through liquidity farming. It was first known as the $GFARM2 token on Ethereum, which was shared in an ETH pool and a GFARM2/ETH LP pool. It has a maximum supply of 100,000,000 GNS.

This token also serves as a governance and utility token in the Gains network. It will be the determinant of the proposals created for the future of the Gains ecosystem.

With a total of over 13,000 traders, gTrade has made $26,456,701 in trading fees, and a trading volume of $36,135,332,853 to April 21, 2023.

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