Haru Invest continues to expand with Haru Mining, a new cryptocurrency investment product in partnership with Pow.re [Advance Cash ]

Haru Invest Continues To Expand With Haru Mining, A New Cryptocurrency Investment Product In Partnership With Pow.re

New mining investment service diversifies growing company's offerings, aims to simplify digital asset mining and make it more accessible

Seoul, South Korea, May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Haru Investa leading digital asset management platform, today announced the launch of its crypto mining product Haru Mining in partnership with Canadian crypto miner Pow.re.

Haru Mining represents a strategic extension of Haru Invest's suite of digital asset investment services, enabling users to derive strong returns from the company's access to environmentally friendly resources. crypto mining via its recent investment in blocked energy miner Pow.re. Users who lock in a minimum of 20 USDT for three years can earn an annual dividend rate of up to 16% based on Pow.re's digital asset mining returns.

“At Haru Invest, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve financial freedom and we are strong advocates for the mass adoption of crypto making investing, and now mining, easier and more accessible for everyone,” said Hugo Lee, CEO of Haru Invest. “Mining has always been an area of ​​interest for Haru Invest, and we are delighted to partner with Pow.re to help diversify our products and use environmentally friendly methods for mining activities.

Sustainable mining and stable returns
Haru Invest started mining Bitcoin In January 2023 next to a $9 million The Series A investment he led in Pow.re, which uses only renewable energy and strives to develop efficient and environmentally friendly mining. Pow.re has been operating mines for years and its mining facilities are approved by the Canadian and Paraguayan governments. Haru Invest's partnership with an existing, experienced and trusted digital asset mining company enables it to deliver strong returns to users of its new mining investment product, Haru Mining.

Because Haru Invest has been mining since January — when the price of Bitcoin was around $16,500around 40% below its current price - it already holds significant dividends for the payouts of its new mining tool.

How Haru Mining Works
Investors' deposits will go towards expanding Haru Invest's mining facilities so that the company can add additional miners and mining devices, and investors' principal will be guaranteed based on the profits of new miners. Its mining investment product provides users with a long-term investment vehicle with competitive win rates and no loss of capital.

More details about Haru Mining:

  • Blocking period: 3 years
  • Main: USDT
  • Annual dividend rate: up to 16%
  • Payment: BTC
  • Price of Bitcoin: CoinMarketCap closing price 2 days before the round opens
  • Minimum blocking amount: 20 USDT
  • First sale pool size: 2,000,000 USDT
  • Opening date of the first round: April 24
  • End date of the first round: When the pool reaches its limit

Haru Invest offers users three cores crypto investment products and features some of the best crypto earn market rates, with up to 16% APR, powered by its strong in-house digital asset management teams who use high-frequency algorithmic trading strategies that take advantage of market inefficiencies and gaps to generate profits. Since its creation in 2019, Haru Invest has processed more than $2.27 billion of total transaction volume in over 140 countries, has paid out over 9.7 million times and has never experienced a security breach, missed payout of income or failed withdrawal.

To learn more about Haru Invest and its new mining product, visit https://haruinvest.com/mining.

About Haru Invest
Haru Invest, a subsidiary service brand of Block Crafters, is a successful CeFi digital asset investment platform that has built a secure bridge between crypto investment services, decentralized and traditional finance, with $2.27 billion in the total volume of transactions. Haru Invest supports five crypto assets - Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, Ripple and USDC - with a level of investment strategies, Earn Plus and Earn Explore. The Haru Invest team has over five years of experience in various investment strategies. crypto fund management, based on a trading model that takes advantage of market inefficiencies to generate stable profits. With users in over 140 countries, Haru Invest is committed to educating and guiding crypto owners at all levels to achieve stable and profitable investment goals in digital assets.

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