Hertha BSC: Werder Bremen fans throw beer mugs at Hertha coaches

Hertha BSC: Werder Bremen fans throw beer mugs at Hertha coaches

“Coward” – “Asocial” |

Werder fans throw cups to Hertha coaches

Disgusting action to Bremen 1-0 v Hertha!

In the final phase of the match, things heat up on the pitch – and things heat up behind the coaching benches as well. Embarrassing climax: Werder fans throw several cups into the south stand towards the Berliner Bank.

images have surfaced It was so chaotic in front of the Hertha block

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A full mug of beer misses Hertha forwards coach Vedad Ibisevic (38) by inches. The nasty attack makes head coach Sandro Schwarz (44) so ​​upset that he fights with individual spectators during the game and even after the final whistle.

And even after the game, Schwarz found clear words about fan behavior. Black on BILD’s request: “It has nothing to do with Bremen fans. Unfortunately, it happens over and over again in football, it’s individuals who behave like that. It’s four or five people who came up with the idea of ​​throwing beer mugs.”

Black plain text: “That’s antisocial, coward.” The coach continues: “Those who do should stand up after the game and show their face. Then you can talk about it – I don’t know if it’s just talking. It’s nothing, it’s just antisocial .”

Werder coach Ole Werner (34) took a stand on the incidents without being asked: “It’s absolute nonsense. Firstly nobody needs it and secondly I don’t know how people get the idea of ​​spending 50 or 60 euros for a place like that and believe that they are buying the right to afford to do something like that.”

Brilliant Free Kick Variant The filling of the pitcher stand delights Werder fans!

SV Werder Bremen – Hertha BSC, Highlights: Filling the mug stand gets Werder fans cheering

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Werner honestly: “I find that completely wrong. It has no place in the stadium for many reasons. I can only apologize for that.

It went well with Black. The Berliner to his fellow coaches: “It’s really great sport.”

Even before the match, stadium announcer Arnd Zeigler (57) had asked fans to refrain from throwing beer mugs. Already in the home game against Augsburg (0-1), beer mugs were thrown at the guest bench by angry Werder fans.

But now, for the first time, a trainer’s collar bursts.

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