Is AirAsia the savior of blockchain games? Heynext joins forces [Advance Cash ]

Is Airasia The Savior Of Blockchain Games?  Heynext Joins Forces

Apia, Samoa, July 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On July 19, 2023, Heynext, a game developer, ventured into blockchain games and successfully secured a $30 million investment. Leading institutions such as AirAsia participated in this funding round to support the development of a futuristic sci-fi blockchain game. This game revolves around interplanetary conflicts in the vast universe, featuring grandiose battles that depict the convergence of various life systems. In doing so, Heynext aims to create an immersive virtual world that stimulates critical thinking and exerts a positive influence on gamers.

Following its rebranding to "Capital A" in 2002, AirAsia embarked on diversifying its business beyond aviation. An official from the company expressed his belief by saying, "We believe that Heynext is the largest game developer in Southeast Asia, and their adventure in the blockchain game industry is poised to spark a revolution. We are fully aware of the unparalleled and captivating experiences Heynext is poised to deliver to gamers. This game will pioneer the entry into the metaverse ecosystem, marking an extraordinary milestone in the gaming landscape."

Since the inception of the metaverse concept, individuals have been drawn to this interconnected and immersive virtual realm. Recognizing the need for a solid foundation in the form of a digital economic system, the process of evolution necessitated the emergence of a token economy based on blockchain technology. As the digital world converges with the real economy, blockchain technology has started to explore various areas for practical implementation.

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries today, spurred by technological advancements that are a key force in its expansion. However, the growth and potential of the entire gaming industry has been hampered by the lack of robust hardware infrastructure required to support certain games. To address this limitation, industry professionals quickly recognized that replacing the conventional centralized hardware platform with a decentralized ecosystem could effectively overcome these challenges.

The merger of blockchain and gaming seems like a tantalizing "two-way rush". Therefore, many game companies have quickly entered this field, looking for ways to integrate blockchain technology into their games. Amber Group, a leading provider of crypto financial services in the industry, foresees blockchain as one of the most promising technologies capable of revolutionizing the global gaming market.

Undoubtedly, blockchain games have had a tumultuous development history. With funding reaching into the hundreds of millions of dollars and monthly sales in excess of $200 million, they have become the most talked about and sought after trend in the industry. Even in 2021, the transaction volume associated with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) soared to an impressive US$26.9 billion, leading to a remarkable increase in daily active users (DAUs). For example, “Axie Infinity” surpassed the 2 million DAU milestone, reaching phenomenon-level popularity.

Nonetheless, this thriving scene was short-lived, and few games made significant headway. Instead, many have fallen for endless Ponzi schemes. Over the past year, blockchain games have seen a steep decline, with investment volumes plummeting. Many major gaming companies have had their ups and downs during this gaming revolution, which has sparked widespread controversy. The sluggishness of the market has raised significant doubts: does the gaming industry really need blockchain technology?

In fact, the market itself has provided an answer to this question. Amid the current gloom in the blockchain gaming market, Heynext's contrarian approach has been applauded. It's important to recognize that everything has both pros and cons, and a complete dismissal would be an oversimplification. To objectively examine blockchain technology, it is crucial not only to recognize its challenges, but also to recognize its positive impact in the gaming industry:

1.Secure transactions

Blockchain technology eliminates the need for intermediaries, reduces costs, and enables virtual assets such as gaming tokens to be seamlessly converted into digital assets for circulation, thereby improving transaction convenience. Additionally, blockchain offers a more secure and transparent approach to game development, ensuring that transaction information remains immutable. This reduces instances of disputes and cheating in games while ensuring fairness in transactions.

2.Copyright management

The data storage method of Blockchain technology allows decentralized storage of copyright information, making it accessible and visible to everyone. This improves the transparency of copyright information and serves as a deterrent against monopolies. Additionally, the immutability of data stored on the blockchain ensures the authenticity and validity of copyright information, mitigating issues such as counterfeiting and piracy. This builds a higher level of trust between game developers and gamers, fostering a safer environment for creativity and innovation.

3.Asset preservation

By storing game assets on the blockchain, a management system ensures the security and control of these assets. The blockchain's structured data system helps record the source and relevant information of assets, facilitating traceability to determine ownership and transfer. Various verification methods further protect against counterfeiting or tampering with digital assets, enhancing their anti-counterfeiting capabilities. This approach effectively guarantees data integrity and authenticity, ensuring the preservation of game assets reliably.

AirAsia's significant investment in Heynext appears to inject new energy and vitality into the market. Currently, industry professionals maintain a positive view of blockchain games, while gamers have long been eagerly awaiting their arrival. It is important to recognize that experiencing a temporary decline in the initial development stage of a blockchain game is a normal phenomenon. At times like these, it's crucial to foster trust and provide support. We look forward to the rapid implementation of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

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