LIVE BY INVITE: neals of nealthy share the secrets of [Advance Cash ]

Live By Invite: Neals Of Nealthy Share The Secrets Of

New York, NY, April 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Dubai-based startup nealthy, which helps investors break into the rapidly growing web3 and fintech spaces via user-friendly balanced index tokens that replicate the structure of traditional exchange-traded funds (ETFs), presents neals, a collection unique happy characters. Neals was invited to share the secrets of his stress-free fundraising and investing strategies at the prestigious Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan at 9 a.m. on April 14, 2023 during NFT.NYC business hours.

From entertainment and healthcare to finance and education, blockchain-based innovation has taken the world by storm. With the meteoric rise of Web3 and NFT, a wide range of blockchain applications are reinventing what is possible in the business world through the transparency and efficiency of decentralized applications. However, the DeFi space has faced a distinct lack of user-friendly solutions built natively for Web3. From NFTs to dApps - many of these high-impact innovations are inaccessible to the vast majority of traditional investors.

Startup nealthy is tackling this problem head-on by creating the blockchain equivalent of ETFs. It can accurately replicate the entire market using a purpose-built asset, providing an entry point for investors of all kinds into the world of blockchain asset ownership. This removes the need to track and manage multiple assets, portfolios, and projects spread across a multitude of platforms, while ensuring the advantages presented in each market of the selected tokens in the ETF-like asset basket.

As part of the NFT.NYC conference, nealthy introduces neals – newly discovered advanced creatures that use advanced software to manage index wealth and maximize earnings throughout their society. Unlike humans who are sensitive to emotions, market fluctuations and fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), neals invest in broad stock indices, creating value with steady growth over the long term. . Neals will share their knowledge and culture with event attendees, in the hope that more people can join the movement and reap the benefits of steady, long-term asset accumulation and appreciation - from the healthiest way.

The nealthy team is made up of experts in the fields of data science, diverse index tokens, and virtual assets. Directed by CEO Ludwig Schroedl, Technical Director Zied Said and Marketing Director Tim Pascualthe platform recently raised $1.3 million to fund expansion, streamline access, and enable the development of secure investment products for the Web3 space.

CEO Ludwig Schroedl commented on the neals unveiling, saying, "It is important for us to build an identity and a culture around neals. These characters show how "boring" investing in index products can be the most effective and efficient way to invest in large markets and reap the rewards. As I personally discovered, my ability to choose crypto projects and stocks is limited by my time. I've always liked the idea of ​​"buy and forget". Neals also link our project to Web3 culture. While our primary function is to replicate markets, our tokens also provide access to underlying utilities that make crypto fun. This way we can follow the rules of the art and be truly 'care', separated from the stress of finance and able to focus on the culture of life. »

For a chance to win a prize, entrants must take or share a photo with a neal, upload it to their Twitter, then tag and follow @nealthy_xyz. There is a 1 ETH prize pool up for grabs, with winners being chosen based on the creativity, reach, and engagement of their post. For more details, follow nealthy's Twitter and Instagram account.

Interested participants can pre-register here to start earning rewards and invite friends to rank on the Nealthy leaderboard. Nealthy Alpha community members will be the first to know about token launches and dApp release.

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The nealthy startup was founded by experienced serial entrepreneurs and educated DeFi investors to provide accessible and diverse exposure to digital assets. By layering deep wallet management technology onto crypto tokens, nealthy is more than just organized assets. Combined with fund transparency, nealthy provides ETFs and index funds to the digital asset investor. Visit for registration and media inquiries and follow nealthy on Twitter.

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Live By Invite Neals Of Nealthy Share The Secrets Of