MEKE, a rising star in cryptocurrency derivatives trading [Advance Cash ]

Meke, A Rising Star In Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading

MEKE, an emerging decentralized perpetual trading platform.

Los Angeles, CA --News Direct-- KISS PR Brand Story

As the masses are engrossed in MEME and BRC20 tokens, a dedicated assembly of tech aficionados, passionate about the cryptocurrency industry, remain steadfast in their pursuit of the ideal that "technology changes the world." world". MEKE, a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform developed on Binance Smart Chain, is being crafted by a cohort of tech-zealous individuals from the United States.

Unlike conventional centralized perpetual contract trading platforms, MEKE, built on smart contracts, has distinctive attributes like unprecedented transparency and immutable data, traits absent from centralized platforms. This awareness embodies the vision of true fairness for merchants and allows them to retain sovereignty over their assets.

Compared to existing decentralized perpetual contract trading platforms, MEKE offers an enhanced trading experience and has a more advanced trading algorithm. Whether on desktop or mobile wallet, you can easily perform your contract negotiation with MEKE. At present, MEKE's core build is almost complete and will begin public beta testing in about a month. Participating in the beta test provides the opportunity to be airdropped with MEKE Platform Tokens.

Despite the lackluster performance of the overall crypto market over the past year, if you're a pragmatic, down-to-earth realist, you'll notice that the user base of some decentralized apps hasn't shrunk during the bear market. Instead, it kept going up. This trend is most prominent in the DeFi sector. At the same time, the market for decentralized perpetual contracts within the DeFi sector has caused a stir, with major decentralized contract trading platforms generating transaction fees exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars.

These phenomena unequivocally bear witness to an indisputable truth: "Even in tepid market conditions, truly industry-changing apps continue to thrive." As soon as the climate improves, these transformative applications will reach unprecedented heights and their value will naturally increase.

Decentralized contract exchanges, in particular, are one of the most promising and profitable areas in the industry. According to statistics from the professional platform, the current daily contract trading volume reaches hundreds of billions of dollars, eclipsing the spot trading volume by more than twice. The entire market generates profits by the billions. Yet in this expansive market, major players are contradicting the very spirit of blockchain: centralized contract exchanges. In this vast field, with daily trading volumes between $100 billion and $2 trillion, decentralized contracts represent only $20 billion to $40 billion, barely 2% of the total market.

This means a huge and untapped market for decentralized contract exchanges. MEKE, on the one hand, aims to address the plethora of challenges currently facing contract traders. On the other hand, it recognizes the vast potential of the whole market. Through the dedicated efforts of many technologists and professionals in the financial industry, MEKE has developed a completely new decentralized and user-friendly contract trading platform.

MEKE's raison d'être is to provide cryptocurrency enthusiasts with an efficient, secure, fair and transparent platform for the decentralized trading of perpetual contracts.

In terms of underlying public blockchain selection, MEKE opts for Binance Smart Chain (BSC), backed by Binance's formidable reputation. All of MEKE's critical features are implemented through Binance smart contracts, ensuring an open and transparent process safe from fraudulent manipulation. Every successful transaction can be traced on the BSC. Throughout the process, the user's assets remain under the account holder's control, secured by their private key, and inaccessible to others.

Regarding security, MEKE has passed the rigorous audit of CertiK, a globally recognized leader in blockchain security. This audit verifies MEKE's robust security measures. Additionally, MEKE is set to launch its public beta testing soon, inviting all cryptocurrency enthusiasts to identify potential vulnerabilities.

In terms of index pricing, MEKE adopts Chainlink oracle prices, mixing them with real-time trade prices to calculate a weighted average. This formula significantly smooths out price fluctuations, thereby alleviating the problem of price “spikes” on candlestick charts.

The cryptocurrency market is known for its high volatility. In the interest of user safety, the platform exclusively supports trading of consumer cryptocurrency contracts, capping the maximum leverage at 25x. For professional traders, this leverage ratio is more than enough to satisfy their trading needs. Going forward, the platform may adjust leverage based on market response.

MEKE adopts a cross-platform strategy, supporting mainstream desktop and mobile wallet applications. With its user-friendly interface, traders can embark on their trading journey anytime, anywhere.

With daily trading volumes in the hundreds of billions of dollars, the advent of MEKE undoubtedly adds a cutting-edge tool to the industry's arsenal. MEKE responds to the fervent demand of tens of thousands of traders for open and transparent trading, eliminates concerns about market manipulation by trading platforms, and eases concerns about profit withdrawal.

MEKE also has a large market. Even with only 1% of the industry market share, MEKE's daily income would be substantial. Indeed, as the market becomes more familiar with crypto commodities, decentralized perpetual contract platforms are gradually encroaching on the centralized market. Moreover, the derivatives market itself is constantly expanding, which suggests a very promising future for MEKE.

The cryptocurrency industry is an emerging and promising sector, often referred to as the next wave of the internet technology revolution. The industry is currently in its nascent phase, ripe for quality applications. Any project that can solve current market problems is poised to be a market darling. MEKE was born out of this goal - to alleviate the pain points of contract traders. After the team's hard efforts, MEKE has completed 99% of its development and is expected to launch its public beta in about a month. Beta participants even have a chance to receive airdrop rewards from MEKE. For a project that stands at the forefront of the zeitgeist and genuinely solves industry problems, the public beta promises to be a lively event.

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