New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today - ROFL, Lillian Token, Ecoterra [Advance Cash ]

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, And Presales Today - Rofl, Lillian Token, Ecoterra

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Despite the drop in trading volume across the board in the cryptocurrency market today, new coins have still been released for sale in the past 24 hours. The latest update of new cryptocurrency listings shared fascinating coins and pre-sales. Today's update builds on it with pre-sale offers that are ready to make our world a better place. The objective is to keep you informed of new offers on the market. Likewise, it aims to reveal what is happening in the market and the crypto sector that is hosting the greatest influx of tokes.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Meme coins are often the highest entry on every list of new cryptocurrency releases. One of the reasons for this is that they are easy to understand and create a sense of ownership in the investor. Following in His Footsteps are utility tokens dedicated to improving our environment. One of these tokens is shown below. The interesting thing about Ecoterea is that it is still on presale. Read the information to learn more about Ecoterra and why it is growing so much.

1. Jared from the Metro (JARED)

Jared From Subway describes itself as the most awarded Meme token on the Ethereum network. According to the information available in his whitepaper, he is creating a community of entertainment lovers who want to be among the optimistic meme lovers. It claims to revolutionize the way people invest in meme coins. In his plans, he promises to grant members access to exclusive meme content and other benefits. Likewise, he claims that users are rewarded based on their level of drive and engagement with the community. The CoinMarketCap snippet below says more about it.

JARED rewards meme tokens on the Ethereum network. With the JARED meme token, you become part of a vibrant community that celebrates humor, creativity, and digital art. Our token rewards you for your loyalty and commitment, allowing you to open up a world of possibilities and laughter. The JARED meme token gives you the opportunity to earn rewards that go beyond monetary gains. We believe in the power of laughter and creativity, which is why we offer unique perks like personalized memes, dedications, and even the ability to feature your memes in our community. Being part of the JARED meme token community means joining a group of like-minded individuals who share a passion for humor and digital art.

JARED is currently priced at $0.000012 with a trading volume of $290,339. Currently, the coin ranks at #3069 on the CoinMarketCap. Its maximum supply is set at 100 million coins and its market cap is $395,023 according to coin market cap. The coin is listed on Uniswap v3 (Ethereum).

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Fino, according to the project whitepaper, is a blockchain-based platform that implements a DAO redemption system. He claims his idea is to improve the value of FINO tokens in the open market. He claims the concept is first being rolled out in his FINO DAPP and can be scaled up across the entire DeFi space. More information on how it works is featured on CoinMarketCap and captured below.


FINO is an innovative blockchain-based platform token created on the Ethereum blockchain that introduced a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) redemption system. The main idea behind this system is to improve the value of FINO tokens for holders by using part of the platform's revenue to buy FINO tokens on the open market. The FINO DAO buyback system is a unique mechanism in the DeFi space that allows the creation of a buyback pot from the fees collected on token transactions. Specifically, 3% of all token fees are allocated to this redemption pot. With the creation of this pot, token holders can then vote on when redemptions occur for the tokens.

In the last 24 hours, $28,792.72 of FINO changed hands in the market and its price is $0.000209. Its maximum supply is set at 1 billion coins. At the moment, FINO's market cap is currently unknown, but its market cap is $193,286. FINO is also featured on CoinMarketCap, ranking at #4277.

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ROFL is an acronym for Rolling On The Floor Laughing according to information available on its website. The platform is designed to be a community blockchain network built on the Ethereum chain. According to its website, the platform is poised to disrupt the coin industry even by becoming a major player in the space. To do this, he intends to create a strong community of passionate people who want to grow together and reach the zenith in the crypto space. He describes the ROFL token as the force that holds the community together. Here is how CoinMarketCap describes the platform.


ROFL is an Ethereum-based token that is revolutionizing the world of memes by adding an extra layer of laughter and excitement. With ROFL, you can take your memes to the next level, injecting them with humor and entertainment that will make everyone laugh. One of the fundamental aspects of ROFL is its community nature. This vibrant community drives the token's success and ensures a continuous stream of fresh and hilarious content. Another attractive feature of ROFL is its zero-tax structure. The creators of ROFL understand that investors appreciate the simplicity and benefits of 0% tokens. By implementing a zero tax model, ROFL allows users to fully enjoy the returns on their investments without additional fees or deductions, thereby improving the overall value proposition of the token.

The price of ROFL is currently $0.001854 (press time). In the last 24 hours, $39,550.85 of ROFL changed hands in the market. Meanwhile, the circulating supply of the token is unknown, but the maximum supply is set at 69,000,000 coins. Additionally, the coin is listed in the CoinMarketCap ranking at #4092. There is currently no information on its listings.

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4. Lillian Token (LYF)

According to information obtained from her website, Lillian is on a mission to rewrite the future of health, wealth and happiness. He wants to revolutionize the way people access knowledge and services in these three areas through the use of next-generation solutions. With his solution, he hopes to influence all levels of the healthcare industry. He says his team currently includes medical professionals, information technology, specialists, blockchain developers, privacy experts, educators, geneticists, government contractors and experts. traders from all over the world. Below is a quick overview provided on CoinMarketCap.

Lillian'S Token

At Lillian, we offer a solution that leverages blockchain technology and enables seamless digital money transfers between payers and recipients. Our system allows transactions to occur effortlessly regardless of country, currency, digital payment method or whether the transaction is commercial or consumer. Using blockchain and digital currencies, we aim to revolutionize the way healthcare payments are processed and simplify overall financial management within the industry. Lillian Finance understands the importance of putting people first in the development of the initial global ecosystem as a crucial element for success.

As of today, LYF is valued at $0.066287 and has a trading volume of $104,641 in the last 24 hours. The maximum supply of LYF is set at 120 million coins with a market capitalization of $4 million. In the meantime, information on its outstanding offering and the exchanges where it is listed are not available.

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5. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

Ecoterra project aims to clean up the damage that the proliferation of deindustrialization and indiscriminate waste management is causing to our world. In his solution, he launched a new initiative that would encourage users to participate in the recycling effort. According to research conducted by the Ecoterra team, it has been found that people are more motivated to participate in recycling if they expect rewards.

As a blockchain-based solution, Ecoterra has its native token that serves as the platform's currency. Users are rewarded with the ECOTERRA token, and on rare occasions the reward is offered in other cryptocurrencies. Individuals are not the only ones to benefit from this revolution. Industries and businesses in various sectors of the economy would also be rewarded for their participation in the movement.

At the moment, the Ecoterra token is on sale and costs $0.1. It is more of a call to take care of our environment. And the call is for climate-conscious investors. There's no time to waste as the pre-sale is in its final stages. Anytime from now it leaves in exchange and the price becomes competitive.

Visit the Ecoterra presale.

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